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Using a professional photographer – free guide

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What to look for when you need a pro photographer

Why you need a photographer who specialises in what you want

At Northlight we only do commercial photography – it’s what the company is set up for.

Pouring steel into castings

Pouring Steel at Foundry

So, no weddings, no formal portraits, no sports, no baby photos, no video, and no prints at the event…

Over time I’ve come across various questions we regularly get asked, and information that potential clients have found of use.

I’ve put together some of these questions that I think a potential client should consider, and ask, of any supposedly professional photographer that they are thinking of hiring (yes, even if it’s not us :-) ).

Our short PDF ‘Guide to using a professional commercial photographer’ is available to any organisation looking to use a commercial photographer for their business.

It’s on our Commercial Photography Client Information page.

If you were interested in one the types of photography we don’t cover, then by all means ask, since I know a lot of UK photographers who do cover these aspects. I’d far rather pass on work to someone I know, who specialises in a particular area, than not be able to produce work of the quality I’d insist on.

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As part of my commitment to education there are many hundreds of free articles and reviews on this site – they cover some quite advanced aspects of photography, colour management and printing.

All of this expertise is available to all of our clients, not just ones making use of our Photography Training services.

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