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Time for a new Mac?

New Mac Pro
Despite my disdain for Apple only having glossy displays for the new MacBook Pro, we still only ever use Macs here. For a while I’ve used a Dual 2.7G G5 Powermac for my day to day work. With 6GB of RAM it’s more than fast enough for much of my Photoshop work. For various reasons I’ve also stuck with OSX 10.4 (Tiger).

All my printing is done through this machine and most of the reviews on the site have used it. It works fine, but some of our key software is now only available for Intel based Macs and 10.4 support is waning.  10.6 is out soon, so we thought it about time to update :-)  Since our servers are all still PPC machines running OSX 10.4 server, we’ll still be able to use some of our older software.

The biggest inconvenience will be running ImagePrint V6, which we use with the Epson 9600 for our B/W printing (on Matte papers) – at the moment the RIP runs on one of our servers and a client runs on any desktop machine. Given the less than favourable upgrade policies that the makers offer, we’ve stuck with what works for the 9600 and don’t use it for the 7880.

It means that big prints will get printed from a server (probably using remote desktop). A minor inconvenience compared to the cost of any updates for ImagePrint. When the 9600 finally goes, we’ll probably be more inclined to use something like ImageNest to drive any replacement.

Update: Both the 9600 and 7880 were replaced with an iPF8300 and the new Mac stuck with 10.6 until the next forced update.

I’ve already got one review lined up that needs the new Mac, so once I’ve got through the hassle of moving things to the new machine, I can try some more new software :-)

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