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Digital photography training - UK and beyond

  • We're building up this directory to help publicise pro photographers who also offer tuition and training.

Keith Cooper offers a number of personal photography tuition and training options in the UK East Midlands.

This is separate from Northlight's commercial training courses provided for companies and corporate clients.

Our personal photography courses are based around Leicester, in the East Midlands, where we can provide one-to-one sessions at locations in the Leicestershire and Rutland area.

Topics include:

However, we're keen to help professional photographers in other parts of the UK, who offer tuition as part of their business, develop this aspect of their business.

Directory listings are available to any working pro photographer - see the details in the box to the right.

UK Photography training

Note that many photographers cover a wider geographical area for their photography training than mentioned, but the listing points to where they are based. Different pro photographers also tend to cover different subjects, so it may be worthwhile looking further afield.


UK listings

County Durham





Shingle Street, Suffolk, UK

The Suffolk Coast






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