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Personal photography teaching and training by Keith Cooper

Digital photography training for individuals and groups.

Learn about some of the techniques and equipment we use for our professional photography.

Keith Cooper is available for a limited number of one-to-one photography training and tutorial sessions for private individuals - covering specialist areas of photography.

Although generally aimed at more advanced photographers – professional or amateur - Keith will always discuss your needs and background before booking any course.

Our '121' courses are based around Leicester, in the East Midlands, and Keith is available for one-to-one sessions at locations in the Leicestershire and Rutland area.

Other locations further afield are possible (international included), but costs would include any additional transport and incidental expenses.

Keith is available as a 'guest specialist' for photography tours and workshops worldwide.

Photography course topics

Actual topics covered are customised to match individual requirements.

Course content

Sessions cover both the technical and aesthetic elements of photography.

Course content is very much influenced by Keith's own styles of photography, so it's probably best to assume that graduated filters (a pet hate of Keith's ;-) and automatic tripod use for every single landscape shot would not feature too highly.

Note that whilst we specifically won't sell cameras, accessories or software, we are happy to offer buying advice.

Technical considerations

A 'Full Frame' DSLR is recommended for architectural work, although Keith is quite happy to lend the use of his full frame Canon 1Ds camera for the duration of the session (bring your own CF card).

Understanding tilt and shift – we would not expect the client to have their own lenses and have a range of Canon EF mount TS-E lenses that can be tried out - including:

Amongst our specialist wide angle Canon lenses you can try are:

We would suggest reading Keith's articles about such lenses if you are unfamiliar with their use.

For panoramic photography we have specialist camera mounts (including a GigaPan) that can be used (if needed).

There are many supporting articles and reviews on this site, such as:

Specialist training for your photography courses and training programmes?

Keith Cooper provides specialist photography training options for course organisers at training locations throughout the UK and abroad. An affordable enhancement to your own range of course options - rates vary, dependent on location and course content.

Specialist areas include:

Keith is a qualified adult tutor (C&G 7307) and university lecturer.

If you are outside of the UK East Midlands, we're also building up a directory of other photographers who offer photography training in other areas of the UK and further afield.

Commercial photographic training

Please note that the courses described above are different from our wide range of commercial photographic training courses run for companies and on behalf of our corporate clients, where we work throughout the UK and speak at international seminars and conferences.

Northlight provides bespoke one-to-one training for companies, covering photography and all aspects of digital image manipulation at their own office locations worldwide.

For corporate training, see details on our main business pages.

Landscape photography training, Bradgate Park, Leicester
  • Bradgate park - one of Keith's personal images on this page.
  • Please note that we do not run courses at Bradgate, Swithland Woods or in Seattle

How much does photography training cost?

Individual half day photographic training sessions are available at £200 (excl. VAT) - rates for small groups (5 max.) or longer sessions are available on request.

Whilst we are very flexible in the definition of a 'half day', please do note that Keith does not function at his best in the pre-dawn cold.

Architectural photography at night

Photography tutorials - One to one

  • Swithland Woods, Leicestershire

Panoramic view of Seattle, with Mt. Rainier in background

  • Panoramic photography in Seattle - not quite the skyline we can offer in Leicester...

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