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TS-E 17 and teleconverter (EF Extender) – addendum

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Updater note: using the Canon TS-E17mm f4L lens with an extender

Tilt shift lens and teleconverter – missing EXIF data

UPDATE 2018: We have a detailed TS-E17 review to go alongside our reviews of Canon three new (2017) TS-E lenses.

The TS-E17 does not indicate the presence of the teleconverter in the normal EXIF file data

It seems that although the Canon EF Extenders work with TS-E lenses they are not 100% supported.

Thus the EXIF data (and camera display) shows what the lens is set to, not the effective aperture. So to get an effective aperture of f/11 I set the camera to f/5.6 with the Canon 2x converter.

Note: the different versions of Canon teleconverter are listed in an article on our site

This with just the 17 mm

17mm shows correct aperture of f/11

17mm shows correct aperture of f/11

and with x2 TC

17mm shows set aperture of f/5.6, not effective aperture of f/11

17mm shows set aperture of f/5.6, not effective aperture of f/11

No sign of the presence of the TeleConverter in the EXIF data.

Not all lenses can work with an extender. The list on shows suggested lenses that will work.

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