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Trade shows…

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A brief visit to Focus

Going to the Focus show in 2010

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The Focus photo show in 2010

It was time yesterday for the annual trip to Birmingham’s NEC for the Focus on Imaging show.

It’s not usually quite as crowded on Mondays as the rush on Sunday – I’m told it’s the day that more ‘working’ photographers turn up.

There is the steady trek from the car park to the exhibition halls at 10am.

Making our way into Focus

On the way into Focus on Imaging

I’m using the super whizzy iPhone camera, since carrying a ‘real’ camera round with you at Focus seems a little sad, if you are not actually working :-)

I’m not really worried in the photo – I still have difficulty using the iPhone camera ‘for real’

Unusually in the view behind me there are several women, Never a common sight at Focus, where the sheer quantity of artificial fibre always makes me worry about the fire hazard.

These days I tend to go to such shows more to meet specific people at different companies and also discuss some of the software/hardware I’ve reviewed for them on the site. As a result I’ve several new trinkets to look at, although there is not going to be much in the way of longer articles on the site for a bit, since I’m getting married this Saturday :-)

I’m told that there were some good deals on Jacobs stand, with the new 70-200 2.8L IS Mk2 going for £1879. Low enough for people at Canon CPS to wonder where they came from ;-)

There is always a bit of a market stall atmosphere at some stands – here we have the wonders of continuous inking systems being sold at the Lyson stand.

Selling stuff at Focus - buy one, get one free - but wait, there's more

Selling stuff at Focus – buy one, get one free – but wait, there’s more

I also popped by the Innova stand, who had printed up some of my images, that I’d used when reviewing their Olmec range of papers last year

Some of my photos at the Innova stand

Always nice to see your work on display… Although the profile used for the big picture doesn’t quite match the lighting conditions (just me being picky, when I see prints of images I know well)

Often popular are the various demos and seminars. Personally, it’s not the way I like to learn about stuff, but this audience seems taken…

audience at seminar

Watching something…

Of course it could just be because it’s some seating near to a food source. There is always a shortage of places to sit down at Focus

Taking a rest at Focus

I tend to skip past all the albums and printing services aimed at the wedding/portrait market, but there is a good range to see for all interests.

There was even a good show from the digital MF crowd.  These are stands that have all too often in the past seemed to want to make you feel like a Ford driver in a Ferrari dealership. If you have to ask anything about money, then you are not the sort of person they want to see.  Then again, the MF market has not been commoditised to the extent the ‘Pro’ DSLR has been.

For those lamenting times and dealers gone by, I noticed a stall selling film – and doing a good trade.

After several years of not attending, it’s good to see that Canon have a decent sized stand, with the usual array of big lenses to spy on other visitors.

The new Canon LF printer range has not been announced in the UK – that means there are some extremely good bargains to be had if you want something like the iPF6100 I reviewed last year.

Hidden photographers watching you…

So there you have it , a rather brief (well, 4 hrs) visit to Focus on Imaging at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

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  • Craig Camp | Mar 10, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    I just got back from my brief visit at this years show and found it very easy to navigate around the exhibition, largely due to the fact that it wasn’t very busy at all, compared to previous visits. It also might the ‘sales-reps’ had a little more time to actually speak to you about their product, as opposed to ‘the hard sale’

    All in all, I managed approximately 2 hours, more than enough time, for someone who only lives 34 miles away and only spent £48.00. Something you can have a laugh at your wedding on Saturday :))

  • Keith | Mar 9, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    I might complain a bit about the crowds, but it is a useful chance to get to meet people you often only chat with on-line

  • Craig Camp | Mar 9, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Nice write up on the show Keith. Looking forward to spend an hour or two myself there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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