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Topaz Studio image editor

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Topaz Studio for image editing

New photo editing package from Topaz Labs

Next week Topaz Labs will officially release their new image editor called Topaz Studio.

Topaz Studio has a set of free and paid adjustments – for more information, visit this page.

For the next 4 days you can get the Pro Adjustment Pack for $99 when using coupon code “STUDIO”. This includes all 14 paid adjustments available within Topaz Studio (over $270 worth of adjustments available for $99).

We’ll have a detailed review in due course…

We've reviews of all Topaz software. See the Topaz Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.
Studio and Plugins/addons have a free 30 day trial

topaz studio

Topaz studio image editor

Topaz Labs has announced Topaz Studio, a single editing platform that can work as a plug-in to Lightroom and Photoshop, supporting your current Topaz plug-ins. (yes, plugins for plugins)

It can also be used standalone.

Topaz Studio is a free download that comes with a set of ten adjustments (basic, blurs, brightness/contrast, colour overlay, dual tone, film grain, image layer, posterise, tone curves, vignette).

The free version also includes direct raw support, automatic lens correction, and integrated masking.

Fourteen “Pro” adjustments are also available either individually or en suite (abstraction, colour theme, focal blur, radiance, smudge, B&W, dehire, HSL, noise reduction, bloom, edge exposure, precision contrast, sharpen, and texture).

The entire 14 plug-in set is US$275 (currently US$137 at introduction), and the individual plug-ins seem to range from US$4.99 to US$29.99.

Finally, as noted above, Topaz Studio also can host your existing Topaz plug-ins

Something else I’d note about Topaz Studio: no license keys are needed and  Topaz Studio can be used on up to two computers for a single user.

I’m still testing an early version of the software, but here it is after opening and dropping one of my images on to it to open.

Topaz studio editor

Topaz info about Studio


We are excited to announce our latest product Topaz Studio. A photo editor, extensive effect toolbox and powerful creative playground, Topaz Studio gives you fast results with Topaz’s exclusive image processing technology, in an intuitive, affordable, easy-to-use application.

Fast: Achieve amazing results with Hundreds of 1-click effects, RAW image support, automated lens correction, and other integrated tools.

Powerful: Achieve professional results with Topaz’s exclusive image processing technology in compact easy to use effects and adjustments. Each adjustment is a plugin unto itself, from adaptive contrast to unique color controls, more powerful than Photoshop’s adjustment layers.

Easy to Use: Topaz Studio is built to be flexible. Effortlessly create an endless variety of looks by adding, blending, masking, rearranging, and replacing adjustments to create drastically different effects in an instant.


See full details at Topaz

  • Photoshop CS4+, Photoshop CC
  • Photoshop Elements 12+,
  • Paintshop Pro X 6+
  • Serif PhotoPlus X5+
  • Lightroom 4+, Lightroom CC
  • photoFXlab
System Requirements:
  • Mac OSX 10.9+
  • Windows 7/8/10 x 64bit + OpenGL 3.3 (*does not support Windows 32bit)
  • RAM: ≥4GB
  • GPU VRAM: ≥1GB

Great news for photo editing…

Topaz is one of three sets of plug-ins that I regularly make use of, the others being Nik and MacPhun Creative Kit.

They all do things in different ways, and exploring them (writing all my reviews) has contributed greatly to my ability to look at an image and decide what I want to do to it – that’s the difficult part, the how comes later.

We’ve reviews of:

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