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Topaz AI Gigapixel – updated V1.1

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Topaz AI Gigapixel – Image resizing software

Updated to V1.1 now includes CPU and GPU options

Topaz AI Gigapixel is updated to V1.1.

More control is offered over noise and blur handling and the software will now run (more slowly) using your CPU, if there is no suitable GPU.

There’s a 30 day fully functional demo available at Topaz Labs

The info just shows the changes, however Keith has written a detailed AI Gigapixel  review, including using it to make large prints.

topaz AI gigapixel

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Topaz AI Gigapixel V1.1

This is a free update to AI Gigapixel.

The changes are listed as:

  • Added CPU-only processing to expand compatibility. WARNING – CPU processing will be much slower than GPU processing, between two and five times longer.
  • Added new controls for the Enhance feature
  • 12 New AI Models added for Gigapixel CPU and GPU processing


The differences show in an expanded user interface.

AI GP V1.1 changes

The strength adjustment works differently on different images, but in general the ‘None’ option is slightly better when you have a good quality original image. The ‘Strong’ setting definitely shows more fine contrast enhancement.

Take this image – from my Laowa 12mm/2.8 lens review

Here’s the original image as reduced from 50MP for the blog post.

5 keiths

That’s me having my morning cup of tea in the conservatory. It’s from the section where I’m showing how ultra-wide lenses are often not so good for groups of people.

Here are two versions (None/Strong) enlarged by 200% (you may want to click on the images to see at full size).

5-keiths output

5-keiths output2

The differences are subtle – you’ll need to see what suits your particular image/size/source though.

CPU processing is slow, but the updated GPU in my 2009 Mac Pro is quite happy with AI Gigapixel.

There’s a 30 day fully functional demo available at Topaz Labs if you’d like to try it.
There’s lots more examples in my detailed AI Gigapixel  review,

See also my Topaz AI GigaPixel V3 update notes – performance improvements and interface layout improvements.

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