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Three new Spyders

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Datacolor have announced 3 new versions of their Spyder monitor calibration device.

Spyder 4The new Spyder4 devices: the Spyder4 Express, the Spyder4 Pro, and the Spyder4 Elite are designed to offer improved color accuracy and low luminance performance compared to the Spyder3 devices.

As ever, we will have a full set of reviews, to follow up on our previous Spyder reviews.

The Spyder4 Express can calibrate desktop and laptop displays, as well as iPad and iPhone displays. Its software limits the calibration target to a single gamma (2.2) and color temperature (6500K) combination. US$119.

The Spyder4 Pro can calibrate the same displays as the Express and for an additional cost can calibrate TVs. It offers four options each for target gamma and color temperature, and can also match multiple displays to each other. US$169.99

The Spyder4 Elite can calibrate monitors, laptop displays, projectors, iPads, and iPhones, and for an additional cost it can calibrate TVs. It offers unlimited custom calibration targets (gamma and color temperature) and can match multiple displays. US$249.99.

We've reviews of many Datacolor products. See the Datacolor Category in the dropdown menu at the top of the right column.

The devices are characterised in this table.

Different S4 options

Comparison between Spyder 3 functionality and Spyder 4

Spyder 3 vs Spyder 4 functionality

Spyder 3 vs Spyder 4 functionality

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