DxO Optics Pro V8 – review and update to V8.1

I’ve been using DxO Optics Pro for some of my RAW processing for several years – It’s what I’ve chosen for many of my images that I produce as large prints.

The latest version (V8) offers a range of improvements to image quality and overall workflow, and I’ve written a detailed review, looking at […]

DxO updates Optics Pro

A new version (V7.5) has been released for DxO Optics pro.

It’s somewhat faster than the last version I’ve reviewed in full: DxO V7.2 review

There are also new lens modules and newer cameras are supported.

“The 64-bit version of DxO Optics Pro v7.5 can handle much larger files – up to 200 Megapixels – […]

DxO Optics Pro V7.2 review

Overview of Keith Cooper’s latest review of DxO Optics Pro. V7.2 adds improvements in workflow and many refinements to RAW camera file processing options. […]

Review Update – DxO 6.5

I’ve used DxO for processing some of my RAW files for quite some time, and have been looking at the V6.5 update that has just been released.

Review Link: DxO 6.5 Review update – single image HDR

I’m often looking to retain detail in skies and highlights which can easily push important detail into the […]

Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Datacolor have announced a new colour management tool in the form of the SpyderCheckr.

UPDATE – We now have a full SpyderCheckr review


It’s a colour test target for improving the colour of results when you are shooting RAW. The target even incorporates a special ‘FadeCheckr’ patch, to assist users in determining how […]

DxO Optics Pro V6.2 for Mac and PC

Quick review of DxO optics Pro V6.2, showing improved noise handling and sharpness […]