Photographs of Leicester – now in their own gallery

Leicester photos for stock use and prints

New photo gallery – Leicester stock images and prints

After many requests for using Keith’s photos of Leicester for stock photography and as large prints, we’ve created a new gallery site, just for photographs of Leicester.

At launch there are over 450 photos – with many more to come over time.

The site features galleries […]

Making the 14 metre print

How it’s done – a 14 metre panoramic print

After lots of questions about the big print at my current exhibition, I’ve written up a detailed article covering all aspects of the making of the print.

Article Link: A 14 metre panoramic print

This runs from my initial experiments in panoramic image stitching, through to […]

Prints on a wall

Photos showing the mounting of a new 14 metre long print of Leicester City Centre at dusk. The print is on view at the Leicester People’s Photography Gallery throughout May 2012 […]

Time for BIG prints

More testing of our GigaPan Epic Pro

I’ve been out with the GigaPan head again, looking for ways to use it for large prints.

The black and white shot is one of the squares on New Walk in Leicester, dating from the 1860’s

De Montfort Square, Leicester – Statue of Sir Robert Hall. Click […]

At night with the GigaPan

The Gigabyte Christmas card

A quick trip into Leicester City centre with the Gigapan.

This shot is taken from one made up of 56 individual exposures, using a 90mm lens (TS-E90)

The composite image is around about 1.6 GigaBytes and would make a full resolution print about 2 metres by 3 metres.

Clock tower […]

Preparations for Leicester Peoples’ Photography Gallery

I’ve just got back from the new peoples’ photography gallery at the old city library in Leicester.

I’ve produced 8 large prints for them, which turned up yesterday after being mounted and laminated

The largest is a 3 metre wide print of Swithland Woods in Leicestershire.

Two large prints. John o'Gaunt viaduct and Swithland […]

New photography gallery to open in Leicester

Gallery at old Leicester central library

Yesterday I got a chance to have a bit of a look round the site of Leicester’s new gallery space.

It’s due to open in September, and is aimed at giving the opportunity to exhibit photography at very low cost – that and no commission for small displays.

Seeing your own work in use

I took that photo…

Even though I know that my commercial work gets used all over the place in brochures and web sites, it’s still great to unexpectedly come across a photo in use, and be able to say ‘I took that‘.

The other day, I was heading down to London to do some photography […]

Personal training – specialist photography topics

I get quite a few requests for personal photography training, covering specialist topics.

In the past I’ve only provided such services through Northlight Images to our commercial clients.

This is where I teach companies such things as colour management, or how to do their own product photography or for real estate professionals, how to take […]

Architecture and the 7D

Some photos in the fog

Yesterday morning I was invited to visit to the new ‘digital media centre’ that’s just opened in Leicester. Phoenix Square has a mix of cinema, work places, production facilities and a range of apartments.

I was not officially wearing my ‘photographer hat’ this visit – since I was representing a […]