Are the camera companies looking backwards?

What’s really new at the shows?

Is it a phone or a camera?

We’ve just seen the first big trade shows of the year (PMA/CES) and I’m slightly left wondering what’s really new?

‘Tons of stuff’ I’m sure many will say, pointing to masses of articles on sites such as DPReview , where to […]

Is your camera good enough?

With all the claim and counterclaim going on over camera performance and the like, it’s good to see that stock photo agency Alamy have a list of cameras that they deem ‘not worthy’

As they say:

“Please check your camera from the list below. We ask that you do NOT submit any images from camera […]

Using the iPhone camera – a walk home

iPhone photography and marketing your photography business. Some pictures from a walk through Leicester one afternoon. […]

Controlling a 1Ds3 via a WFT-E2 and iPhone

Using the iPhone to connect to a Canon WFT-E2 wireless adapter attached to a Canon 1Ds Mk3. Remote control of the camera with a web browser over an ad hoc network. […]

Won an iPhone 3Gs – now what for a photographer?

Uses of an iPhone for a commercial photographer […]