Topaz Simplify – review update V4.1

updated interface for Topaz Simplify plugin

An update to the Topaz Plugin – Simplify

I recently wrote up a detailed review of the Simplify plugin, which looks at the main functionality.

In February 2014, there a few updates to the look and feel of the plugin, which I’ll briefly outline here.

The interface looks more refined and consistent, but all the […]

Topaz Adjust V5 review – image editing plugin

An image processed using Topaz Adjust, to give a watercolour effect

An image processed using Topaz Adjust V5, to give a watercolour effect (Click to see larger)

I’ve started looking at the range of Topaz Labs image editing plugins, and have started off with a review of Adjust (V5)

Review Link: Topaz Adjust V5

The Topaz plugins are interesting in that they work across a […]

Why I sharpen images

moonrise at old john

Moonrise – only one part of this image needed -any- sharpening

Why images from your camera need sharpening

An awful lot of uninformed comment about the need for and desirability of image sharpening clutters up forums. Myths and misunderstanding spread far and wide, and the temptation to ignore image sharpening, because it’s contentious, is […]

Nik Plugins – Dfine 2 noise reduction makes the set

The image processing and manipulation plugins from Nik software cover every part of my workflow after I’ve converted my camera files from their original RAW format. I’ve now written reviews of all the current versions of the plugins with the review of Dfine 2, for image noise reduction.

Review Link: Nik Dfine 2.0

Finishing this […]

Looking at DxO ViewPoint v1.1

DxO have produced a software application and plugin (Photoshop and Lightroom) that offers some interesting correction options for image geometry.

Review link: DxO Viewpoint V1.1

From my own point of view, the most interesting correction is for the distortions you get with groups of faces when shooting with a very wide angle lens.

This isn’t […]

DxO Optics Pro V8 – review and update to V8.1

I’ve been using DxO Optics Pro for some of my RAW processing for several years – It’s what I’ve chosen for many of my images that I produce as large prints.

The latest version (V8) offers a range of improvements to image quality and overall workflow, and I’ve written a detailed review, looking at […]

Producing better photographs

Producing better photos and prints without spending much money

This week has been a busy one, with all the work on fixing this site, and fitting in several architectural photo shoots.

What’s been really helpful though, are two talks I’ve given to photographers groups in Nottingham and Coventry. I do a few of these presentations […]

DxO ViewPoint

DxO Viewpoint announced New image geometry correction software

DxO Viewpoint is a new piece of software from DxO, who’s DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack I’ve reviewed in the past, and find useful adjuncts to my image processing toolbox.

Whilst I like to use shift lenses for my big architectural work, I still end […]

HDR Expose 2

I’ve recently been looking at developments in High Dynamic Range (HDR) software.

In particular there’s now a lengthy review of Unified Color’s HDR Expose 2 and the Float 32 photoshop plugin.

Review Link: HDR Expose 2

The software is a standalone package for merging individual images into one new image that covers a wider dynamic […]

Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 for dull colour images

A Black and white tool for colour contrast enhancement.

Colour images on cloudy days rarely have the punch that I’d like (for architectural photos for example).

Whilst there are a lot of filters you can apply (see my Nik Color Efex 4 and Tiffen Dfx filter 3 reviews), they easily fall into the ‘too many […]