Autopano Giga – review update for Version 3

The latest version of Autopano Giga (V3), from Kolor, now offers a number of new geometric projections and improved masking for unwanted content from component images.

Review link: Autopano Giga V3 review

The software is what I use to create some of our large architectural prints, including the 14 metre long one of Leicester City […]

Review – Autopano Giga

It takes an awful lot of calculations for software to accurately stitch and blend sets of big images for panoramic views.

In fact I’ve long taken sets of images (hand held) when on my travels, with the thought of stitching them together one day when it was easier to do.

Recently I’ve been trying out […]

Time for BIG prints

More testing of our GigaPan Epic Pro

I’ve been out with the GigaPan head again, looking for ways to use it for large prints.

The black and white shot is one of the squares on New Walk in Leicester, dating from the 1860’s

De Montfort Square, Leicester – Statue of Sir Robert Hall. Click […]

At night with the GigaPan

The Gigabyte Christmas card

A quick trip into Leicester City centre with the Gigapan.

This shot is taken from one made up of 56 individual exposures, using a 90mm lens (TS-E90)

The composite image is around about 1.6 GigaBytes and would make a full resolution print about 2 metres by 3 metres.

Clock tower […]

GigaPan Epic Pro

Panoramic photography with the GigaPan Epic Pro

We’ve just got a GigaPan Epic Pro for some of our high resolution panoramic photography.

I’m hoping to have a more detailed review when work allows, but in the mean time I’ll post a few shorter updates here on the blog.

Here’s what I’ve used for some time […]