Architecture and the 7D

Some photos in the fog

Yesterday morning I was invited to visit to the new ‘digital media centre’ that’s just opened in Leicester. Phoenix Square has a mix of cinema, work places, production facilities and a range of apartments.

I was not officially wearing my ‘photographer hat’ this visit – since I was representing a […]

Out at night with the 7D

Looking at high ISO photography with the Canon 7D

The EOS 7D ISO settings go up to 12800, although it should be noted that the 12800 or ‘H’ setting needs enabling in the custom settings.

I’ve looked at aspects of high ISO noise earlier and decided that 6400 ISO should be capable of some interesting […]

1Ds3/7D quick detail check

How sharp are the images from the Canon EOS 7D? I believe there has been some discussion on the matter ;-)

It was suggested (thanks) I take some shots at f/6.3 with the 7D and 1Ds3.

Taking both cameras outside, I picked one of my sharper lenses…

Two views across the street Canon 1Ds3 […]

Some EOS 7D examples

The other day I had to go to the local Post Office, so I took the Canon 7D along with me. All these shots are taken at 800 ISO at f/8 with a EF24-70 2.8L lens.

I’d not expect to print such images at any great size, but I was interested to see how the […]

DxO Optics Pro updated for the Mac

DxO have brought out an update to the Mac version of their RAW converter.

DxO information and trial download (Mac and PC)

V5.3.6 now work under OSX 10.3.6 and includes support for a number of new cameras and lenses – fortunately including the Canon 7D.

Canon 7D and G11; Nikon D300s and D3000; Olympus E-3 […]

Looking at AF and manual focus for the 7D

A few tests of AF and AF tracking for the Canon EOS 7D

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do sports photography, or photograph animals/birds very often, so my looking at AF performance with the 7D is not going to be an exhaustive study ;-)

That said, the AF system in my 1Ds3 is no […]

EOS 7D High ISO – brief comparison with 1Ds3

I just took a few pictures with the 7D and my 1Ds3 to see how high ISO noise compared on the two.

Images are processed (ACR5.6rc) with no noise reduction, but all other settings at defaults.

Article Link: Comparing the EOS 7D and 1Ds3 at high ISO

It’s also worth noticing that the 7D got […]

EOS 7D Noise at different ISO settings

Not long after I got my 1Ds3 I heard that noise levels were lower at whole stop ISO settings, A quick test confirmed this and I have it set to whole stop steps rather than 1/3 stop (100,200, 400 rather than 100,125,160,200,250 etc.)

I’ve now repeated this with the Canon 7D and the results are […]

Out with the Canon 7D

I’m working on some more detailed looks at aspects of the Canon 7D, but I thought I’d write up a few more ‘first impressions’ of using the camera. Thanks for all the questions – I’ll try and address as many as possible whilst I’ve got the camera.

I had to go to up to Loughborough […]

Looking at the Canon EOS 7D

Canon have kindly lent me a 7D body for a few days.

I’m not going to be doing a detailed Canon 7D review – there are plenty of good sites that do that for a living!

However I do intend to give it a good try out and will be posting some of my thoughts […]