DxO Optics Pro V9.5 adds integration with Lightroom


DxO Optics Pro V9.5 adds much tighter integration with Lightroom

I’ve used DxO Optics Pro for many years as an alternative RAW camera file processing engine. With the latest update it now works much more tightly with Adobe Lightroom.

My most recent in-depth review looked at V9.1 of the software, running as a stand-alone package. […]

Looking at DxO ViewPoint v1.1

DxO have produced a software application and plugin (Photoshop and Lightroom) that offers some interesting correction options for image geometry.

Review link: DxO Viewpoint V1.1

From my own point of view, the most interesting correction is for the distortions you get with groups of faces when shooting with a very wide angle lens.

This isn’t […]

DxO Optics Pro V8 – review and update to V8.1

I’ve been using DxO Optics Pro for some of my RAW processing for several years – It’s what I’ve chosen for many of my images that I produce as large prints.

The latest version (V8) offers a range of improvements to image quality and overall workflow, and I’ve written a detailed review, looking at […]

DxO ViewPoint

DxO Viewpoint announced New image geometry correction software

DxO Viewpoint is a new piece of software from DxO, who’s DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack I’ve reviewed in the past, and find useful adjuncts to my image processing toolbox.

Whilst I like to use shift lenses for my big architectural work, I still end […]

DxO Optics Pro Update

More cameras and lenses added in the latest DxO update.

See our latest DxO review (V7.2) for a few of the reasons I use it for some of my work.

DxO Optics Pro v7.5.1 has integrated more than 400 new DxO Optics Modules, of which 61 are modules for the Nikon D800E and […]

DxO FilmPack V3.2

Some time ago I tried out DxO’s FilmPack software and found it worked well, with a few minor issues.

Well, DxO have released an all new 64 bit version that works in stand-alone mode or as a plugin for Photoshop/Lightroom/Aperture/Elements.

Review Link: DxO FilmPack V3.2

Great ‘film look’ renderings and very nice looking film grain […]

DxO updates Optics Pro

A new version (V7.5) has been released for DxO Optics pro.

It’s somewhat faster than the last version I’ve reviewed in full: DxO V7.2 review

There are also new lens modules and newer cameras are supported.

“The 64-bit version of DxO Optics Pro v7.5 can handle much larger files – up to 200 Megapixels – […]

DxO – expands range of cameras supported

Following on from our latest DxO Optics Pro review, I see that DxO have announced support for more cameras.

It’s software I use every so often for my larger prints and collections of pictures from jobs where lighting was less than optimal.

More info: DxO – where there is a free trial version

DxO Optics […]

DxO Optics Pro V7.2 review

Overview of Keith Cooper’s latest review of DxO Optics Pro. V7.2 adds improvements in workflow and many refinements to RAW camera file processing options. […]

DxO FilmPack

DxO have spent their time analysing the characteristics of lots of different films in considerable detail.

The result, is software that runs either as a standalone application, a Photoshop plugin, or as added functionality in DxO Optics Pro, and allows you to simulate the colour response and grain characteristics of a whole load of films.