Balancing lighting with the Spydercube

Spydercube for checking WB and exposure

Quick white balance setup for product photography

I’ve been testing the Samyang 14mm f2.8 ultrawide lens recently. I’ve got the Canon (EF) lens mount version attached to my Canon 1Ds Mk3.

As part of creating some images for the review I’m writing, I wanted a picture of the box with the lens and camera beside […]

SpyderCheckr updated

A while ago I wrote a longish review of Datacolor’s SpyderCheckr system for camera calibrations

Review Link: Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Datacolor have announced an update to the software that now works with Hasselblad’s Phocus software as well as Adobe Camera Raw.

This advanced colour reference and grey card system now supports Hasselblad’s Phocus software. This new […]

Colour management and your TV

Better colour for your TV and reference monitors

Spyder 4 TV/HD calibrator

Recently, I’ve reviewed all the main monitor calibration and profiling packages. Not only do they offer improved accuracy and precision, but wide gamut and LED backlit displays, no longer cause problems.

Datacolor have just announced a new package specifically aimed at TV/Video […]

Three new Spyders

Datacolor have announced 3 new versions of their Spyder monitor calibration device.

The new Spyder4 devices: the Spyder4 Express, the Spyder4 Pro, and the Spyder4 Elite are designed to offer improved color accuracy and low luminance performance compared to the Spyder3 devices.

As ever, we hope to have a full set of reviews, […]

Review – Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Just before I went off to the USA recently, I mentioned the Datacolor SpyderCheckr. It’s a set of coloured test targets that you can use with the associated software to create camera calibrations.

These ‘presets’ consist of sets of adjustments applied during RAW conversion, that can improve the colour rendition of your camera.

I’ve just […]

Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Datacolor have announced a new colour management tool in the form of the SpyderCheckr.

UPDATE – We now have a full SpyderCheckr review


It’s a colour test target for improving the colour of results when you are shooting RAW. The target even incorporates a special ‘FadeCheckr’ patch, to assist users in determining how […]

SpyderLensCal – hardware to help measure autofocus

Datacolor have just announced a new hardware product to help measure the autofocus performance of your camera.

The SpyderLensCal allows you to measure how well the AF is working on your camera, and with cameras that allow it, store individual lens correction data.

We’ve a collection of Camera AF Microadjustment techniques on the site and […]

Review – Spyder3express monitor calibrator

I’ve just posted a review of the new Spyder3Express monitor calibrator

It’s a basic model using the same sensor internals as more advanced Spyder3 models. That said, the settings it offers are the same basic ones I use for my main monitor.

Article Link: Spyder3Express monitor calibrator

New review – Spyder3Print SR

Keith Cooper has been reviewing the new Spyder3Print SR printer profiling system from datacolor. Produces icc printer profiles for colour and black and white. […]