So, you want a large format printer?

Large panoramic print coming out of iPF6300 printer

Some thoughts for photographers looking for a much bigger printer

Not just wide – long prints too

There comes a time when printing your work at A3+ (13″ x 19″) on a desktop printer seems a little small. Maybe you’re tempted by a 17″ width printer, such as the deservedly popular Epson 3880 [review] […]

Canon iPF6450/iPF6400 printer reviews


iPF6450 with optional SU-21 Spectrophotometer unit

Canon iPFx4xx printers – the 6400/6450

After a lot of testing, I’ve published a whole series of reviews connected with the Canon iPF6450 24″ wide format printer.

The iPF6450 is essentially the same as the iPF6400, but with an internal hard disk.

iPF6450/6400 review part 1 iPF6450/6400 review […]

How to set up the Canon iPF6450 SU-21 spectrophotometer

The SU-21 spectrophotometer attached to the front of an iPF6450

The SU-21 spectrophotometer attached to the front of an iPF6450

I’m currently testing the Canon iPF6450 24 inch wide format printer, which came with the optional SU-21 spectrophotometer unit.

I’ve documented the full set-up procedure for the SU-21 spectro, since for our printer review, I initially started off looking at just the basic iPF6450.


Setting up the Canon iPF6450 and iPF6400 printer

fitting print head to canon iPF6400 printer

The Canon iPF 6400/6450, as delivered

When our iPF6450 printer turned up for review from Canon, it needed some assembly…

I’ve written up a full guide to setting it up rather than including it as part of the main printer review

Setup guide: Canon iPF6450/6400 printer

Allow at least an hour for assembling the […]

Kuuvik Capture – camera tethering

Kuuvik capture software being used

I’ve recently reviewed some new Mac based software specifically for tethering Canon camera. so they could be operated from a computer.

Review Link – Kuuvik Capture (preview)

The review is of the pre-release version, but fully covers the functionality.

One feature not found on other software packages is focus […]

Canon PRO-10 printer review

The Canon PRO-10 A3+ printer is the second in the new PRO printer range, and supersedes the 9500 mk2. I’ve had one here a few weeks and have written a longish review.

Full Review Link: Canon Pixma PRO-10

It’s got 10 pigment based inks, which include Matt and Photo Black, and a gloss coat ‘colour […]

I am not a ‘Canon Man’

What does your choice of camera brand say about you? Or… ‘What camera did you take that with’

Using my 24mm tilt shift lens in Seattle. My ‘walk round’ lens of choice in big cities ;-)

The other day I was talking to a few people at the Focus show in Birmingham – one […]

Watch for fake batteries…

Canon info to help spot counterfeit batteries

Lithium batteries have been in the news in unwelcome ways for Boeing of late (787 grounding), but similar problems have led to recalls and accidents for a range of consumer equipment over the last few years. My old Apple PowerBook battery was replaced by Apple, after one such […]

Canon Pixma PRO-1 printer review

After lots of testing, I’ve finished one of our longer printer reviews.

Review Link: Canon Pixma PRO-1 printer

For an A3+ printer, it’s pretty huge, weighing in at around 60 pounds. This makes for one of the quietest printers I’ve looked at, and one that isn’t going to jump around your desk.

Quality wise, […]

Canon Pro-1 Printer

Upcoming printer review

Canon UK have sent me a Pro-1 A3+ printer for review.

A quick check shows a very capable B&W print mode, which with a 3rd party lustre paper produced a very even and neutral looking print – residual non-linearity was very easily cleared up with a QTR profile, which I was able […]