Kuuvik Capture – camera tethering

Kuuvik capture software being used

I’ve recently reviewed some new Mac based software specifically for tethering Canon camera. so they could be operated from a computer.

Review Link – Kuuvik Capture (preview)

The review is of the pre-release version, but fully covers the functionality.

One feature not found on other software packages is focus […]

Are the camera companies looking backwards?

What’s really new at the shows?

Is it a phone or a camera?

We’ve just seen the first big trade shows of the year (PMA/CES) and I’m slightly left wondering what’s really new?

‘Tons of stuff’ I’m sure many will say, pointing to masses of articles on sites such as DPReview , where to […]

Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Datacolor have announced a new colour management tool in the form of the SpyderCheckr.

UPDATE – We now have a full SpyderCheckr review


It’s a colour test target for improving the colour of results when you are shooting RAW. The target even incorporates a special ‘FadeCheckr’ patch, to assist users in determining how […]

DxO Optics Pro V6.2 for Mac and PC

Quick review of DxO optics Pro V6.2, showing improved noise handling and sharpness […]

Controlling a 1Ds3 via a WFT-E2 and iPhone

Using the iPhone to connect to a Canon WFT-E2 wireless adapter attached to a Canon 1Ds Mk3. Remote control of the camera with a web browser over an ad hoc network. […]

Review: DSLRRemotePro

DSLRRemotePro camera tethering (remote control) software for Canon cameras has been available for PCs for some time – with the arrival of an Apple Mac version, keith put it through its paces with a Canon 1Ds Mk3

Article Link: DSLRRemotePro Review

Offering exposure bracketing, focus stacking, time lapse and very comprehensive file naming capabilities, it’s […]