Is digital too easy? – that film thing (again)

OM2n and canon 1Ds

If digital photography is too easy, then you are not trying hard enough.

Why take those pictures?

Has digital photography taken the ‘real skills’ out of photography? I’m very much inclined to say no, but it has made it more difficult for many people to know why they are taking photos and what they […]

I am not a ‘Canon Man’

What does your choice of camera brand say about you? Or… ‘What camera did you take that with’

Using my 24mm tilt shift lens in Seattle. My ‘walk round’ lens of choice in big cities ;-)

The other day I was talking to a few people at the Focus show in Birmingham – one […]

Diminishing returns – the new photo equipment question

How much better are cameras and printers getting?

Future modular camera

Are the reasons to upgrade your camera kit getting less and less?

I’m very lucky to have a job that I enjoy, as a professional photographer, and via the articles I write here, having the opportunity to try out new equipment and software.


Older photographers – let them use DSLRs

Viewfinders for the older photographer…

Still useful – the Canon Angle Finder ‘C’ – what I used before ‘Liveview’ and still keep in my bag.

One of those minor irritations of getting older is a decreasing ability to focus close.

I’ve alway been a little long sighted, and whilst I’ve had glasses since […]

After the Photokina show…

So, where next in the world of photography?

It’s that lull after Photokina, where all the assorted photography tech press make their way back from Cologne and file their numerous ‘hands on reports’ about the latest kit on show.

Myself, I went down to Devon in the UK – superb weather, and all the summer […]

Just what does ‘Pro’ mean for camera equipment?

Should I only buy ‘pro’ cameras? Does it help me become a better photographer?

Keith in Seattle

As a working photographer, I need to be able to rely on the equipment I use on jobs. Someone is paying for my time and what I’m taking photos of may not be repeatable.

The kind of […]

Selling cameras in the UK and a changing market for photography

Cameras, a seriously shrinking market? What’s this got to do with me as a pro photographer?

Although there’s an underlaying recession here in the UK, I was surprised to see just how much the UK camera market has shrunk between 2006 and 2011.

Not what’s on offer at UK camera sellers

Figures in a […]

Saying no to the camera update cycle?

When does a new bit of equipment become worth buying?

New toys are nice, but… it’s about time I listened to some of my own advice I give to people who write in and ask ‘should I upgrade my camera’…

I hope this note about some of my own considerations is of help to those […]

Are the camera companies looking backwards?

What’s really new at the shows?

Is it a phone or a camera?

We’ve just seen the first big trade shows of the year (PMA/CES) and I’m slightly left wondering what’s really new?

‘Tons of stuff’ I’m sure many will say, pointing to masses of articles on sites such as DPReview , where to […]

Out with the 60D

Some more explorations of using the Canon 60D

I had to walk into town to see someone at lunchtime and thought I’d take the 60D with me.

Whilst I’ve been trying it out with the 18-55 IS kit lens, I have to say that the lens is probably the weakest part of the setup. It’s […]