Calibration and Profiling – not the same thing

Red bus in Leicester

The difference between calibration and profiling in colour management

A well known colour red

The other day I saw someone mention a ‘printer calibrated to their monitor’. I’d noticed elsewhere that there is a deal of confusion in the terms calibration and profiling, which tend to get used in an imprecise way. This short […]

ColorMunki Smile Review

Review of X-Rite ColorMunki Smile monitor calibrator

I’ve just finished a review of the new ColorMunki Smile. It’s actually shorter than many of my monitor profiling reviews, since the device is so simple to use!

It also supports multiple monitors, which I’d not really expected from an entry level product that only produces profiles at […]

New monitor calibration option – ColorMunki Smile

X-Rite announces ColorMunki Smile

Some time ago I reviewed the Pantone huey, very much intended as an entry level monitor calibrator. This was followed by the huey Pro, which has carried on as the entry level product ever since.

Whilst it was fairly good in its time, the huey performs less well on modern wider […]

The Spyder4 for your TV

Setting up a TV display for accurate colour poses a few more difficulties than with your computer monitor.

Datacolor have produced a version of the Spyder4 monitor calibrator to address this for TVs and projector based systems (front and back projection).

Review Link: Spyder4TV HD

It takes a bit of experimenting to get it right, […]

Three new Spyders

Datacolor have announced 3 new versions of their Spyder monitor calibration device.

The new Spyder4 devices: the Spyder4 Express, the Spyder4 Pro, and the Spyder4 Elite are designed to offer improved color accuracy and low luminance performance compared to the Spyder3 devices.

As ever, we hope to have a full set of reviews, […]

Review – Datacolor SpyderCheckr

Just before I went off to the USA recently, I mentioned the Datacolor SpyderCheckr. It’s a set of coloured test targets that you can use with the associated software to create camera calibrations.

These ‘presets’ consist of sets of adjustments applied during RAW conversion, that can improve the colour rendition of your camera.

I’ve just […]