Becoming a freelance photographer

A simple product photography setup

5 things about being a ‘Pro’ photographer you need to appreciate

It’s just over 10 years ago that I decided to put away my business suit and become a full time professional photographer. I’m still regularly asked how to do it, and what is needed.

Personally I prefer to say that I run my own […]

Where are you taking your photo business?

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Two things to realise about growing your photo business

Two important ideas about running your own photography business, if you want it to last and grow. To some extent based on actually running a photo business that has lasted 10 years… This is part of a collection of photography business articles on this site.

Turning down photography work – when the alarm bells ring

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When that job just isn’t worth doing

Sometimes it’s worth waiting before saying yes…

The other day, I had a phone call from another photographer asking for some advice. They had accepted a job, at a price, without first working out how long it would take, or some of the additional costs it might […]

I am not a ‘Canon Man’

What does your choice of camera brand say about you? Or… ‘What camera did you take that with’

Using my 24mm tilt shift lens in Seattle. My ‘walk round’ lens of choice in big cities ;-)

The other day I was talking to a few people at the Focus show in Birmingham – one […]

So, your friends say your photos are good…

Can you make it as a pro photographer?

After all, your friends are telling you that you’ve got talent. People look at some of your photos and say – “They’re nice”

Surely that means that if you find the right place, people will get out their cheque books and start paying you for what you […]

Just what does ‘Pro’ mean for camera equipment?

Should I only buy ‘pro’ cameras? Does it help me become a better photographer?

Keith in Seattle

As a working photographer, I need to be able to rely on the equipment I use on jobs. Someone is paying for my time and what I’m taking photos of may not be repeatable.

The kind of […]

The photographer working for free

As a pro photographer, is there a place for ‘free’ work?

Is this a free lunch?

One of the traps that many new photographers fall into is the ‘Pictures for credit’ ruse.

It goes like this:

“We’d love to feature your work in our website/brochure/magazine, but we’ve no budget. If we can […]

Selling cameras in the UK and a changing market for photography

Cameras, a seriously shrinking market? What’s this got to do with me as a pro photographer?

Although there’s an underlaying recession here in the UK, I was surprised to see just how much the UK camera market has shrunk between 2006 and 2011.

Not what’s on offer at UK camera sellers

Figures in a […]

50 Business tips for pro photographers

50 things that will help you become a top professional photographer Do you really want to become a professional photographer?

There are many ways to promote your photo business

I’ve collected together these ‘business tips’ and advice based on my own experiences and observations of what some other photographers think are good ideas

Note […]

Pro photography – pick your areas of work with care

Part of running a successful photography business is deciding what areas of work to concentrate on, and building your skills in those areas. Remember though that you need to make a profit and that may mean less concentration on some areas you like. Doing any work that comes along does not count as a long term strategy… […]