Canon PRO-10 printer review

The Canon PRO-10 A3+ printer is the second in the new PRO printer range, and supersedes the 9500 mk2. I’ve had one here a few weeks and have written a longish review.

Full Review Link: Canon Pixma PRO-10

It’s got 10 pigment based inks, which include Matt and Photo Black, and a gloss coat ‘colour […]

Visiting Focus 2013

A visit to Focus on Imaging 2013

It’s only 35 miles away, so the Focus on Imaging show in the UK is one trade show I’m happy to attend every year.

One very nice surprise was to see the collection of my black and white images printed by Innova, and shown on their stand.

Going from idea to print – how’s it done

Whilst there are lots of articles about the technical side of photography on the web, there are far fewer about -why- you might choose to take a particular shot, and why you might choose to make a print from one picture, as opposed to an other shot at the same location, maybe only seconds from […]

Taming contrast halos with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 is a really useful plugin that I’ve used for a lot of my black and white prints in the last few years.

Sometimes though, getting one part of an image to look the way you want creates unwanted effects in other areas. This is most noticeable in fairly flat […]

Nik Plugins – Dfine 2 noise reduction makes the set

The image processing and manipulation plugins from Nik software cover every part of my workflow after I’ve converted my camera files from their original RAW format. I’ve now written reviews of all the current versions of the plugins with the review of Dfine 2, for image noise reduction.

Review Link: Nik Dfine 2.0

Finishing this […]

St Mary de Castro spire appeal

Using some of my architectural photography for a good cause Photographs of St. Mary de Castro church in Leicester

The nearby church of St Mary de Castro has a wonderful spire, dating from around 1400. It’s built on a tower dating from 1300, that’s built from inside a church (lack of space) that dates from […]

Re-using the zone system?

Does the Zone System still have a place in digital black and white?

If you’ve explored much black and white film photography, you’ll have come across references to the ‘Zone System’, a technique for optimising film exposure and development. It’s commonly associated with Ansel Adams and has been refined and developed over the last 70 […]

DxO FilmPack V3.2

Some time ago I tried out DxO’s FilmPack software and found it worked well, with a few minor issues.

Well, DxO have released an all new 64 bit version that works in stand-alone mode or as a plugin for Photoshop/Lightroom/Aperture/Elements.

Review Link: DxO FilmPack V3.2

Great ‘film look’ renderings and very nice looking film grain […]

So, you want a good, cheap inkjet printer with cheap ink

Lots of people want a good quality, cheap, photo printer that doesn’t cost a lot in ink. Unfortunately, the market doesn’t quite work like that – some thought about what to do when your old printer dies. […]

Is your printer OK for black and white photography?

Choosing a good printer for black and white photography is nowhere as easy as it is for colour. Keith looks over some of the options, including getting better black and white out of your existing printer. […]