Looking at Samyang’s 14mm f/2.8 Lens

Samyang 14mm lens on Canon 1Ds 3

I’ve spent a few weeks in the company of Samyang’s 14mm lens, using it for quite a lot of images on my Canon 1Ds mark 3 DSLR.

For a lens that is a small fraction of the price of my EF 14mm f/2.8L II, what else do I lose in addition to autofocus and electronic […]

Canon iPF6450/iPF6400 printer reviews


iPF6450 with optional SU-21 Spectrophotometer unit

Canon iPFx4xx printers – the 6400/6450

After a lot of testing, I’ve published a whole series of reviews connected with the Canon iPF6450 24″ wide format printer.

The iPF6450 is essentially the same as the iPF6400, but with an internal hard disk.

iPF6450/6400 review part 1 iPF6450/6400 review […]

Topaz Adjust V5 review – image editing plugin

An image processed using Topaz Adjust, to give a watercolour effect

An image processed using Topaz Adjust V5, to give a watercolour effect (Click to see larger)

I’ve started looking at the range of Topaz Labs image editing plugins, and have started off with a review of Adjust (V5)

Review Link: Topaz Adjust V5

The Topaz plugins are interesting in that they work across a […]

Eizo ColorEdge CX240 review

CX240 monitor being profiled, using X-rite i1Pro 2 spectro

I’ve been using an Eizo ColorEdge CX240 24″ LCD monitor for a few weeks now, and have written up a review covering its features and functionality.

Review Link: Eizo ColorEdge CX240

It’s a wide gamut (almost Adobe98) monitor with LED backlighting that incorporates its own […]

PermaJet Titanium Lustre 280 paper

The gloss/lustre finish of papers can make quite a difference to how your images are perceived when printed.

PermaJet in the UK have announced a new metallic finish paper, which I’ve been testing with a number of printers.

Review Link: PermaJet Titanium Lustre 280 paper

The finish could best be described as having a metallic […]

Going from idea to print – how’s it done

Whilst there are lots of articles about the technical side of photography on the web, there are far fewer about -why- you might choose to take a particular shot, and why you might choose to make a print from one picture, as opposed to an other shot at the same location, maybe only seconds from […]

Nik Plugins – Dfine 2 noise reduction makes the set

The image processing and manipulation plugins from Nik software cover every part of my workflow after I’ve converted my camera files from their original RAW format. I’ve now written reviews of all the current versions of the plugins with the review of Dfine 2, for image noise reduction.

Review Link: Nik Dfine 2.0

Finishing this […]

Looking at DxO ViewPoint v1.1

DxO have produced a software application and plugin (Photoshop and Lightroom) that offers some interesting correction options for image geometry.

Review link: DxO Viewpoint V1.1

From my own point of view, the most interesting correction is for the distortions you get with groups of faces when shooting with a very wide angle lens.

This isn’t […]

A look at Nik HDR Efex Pro 2

Last year I looked at Nik’s HDR Efex Pro plugin, and have just finished writing up a review of the latest version, which works with Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom.

Review Link: Nik HDR Efex Pro 2

The new design makes it a lot easier to experiment with the different options, and to my mind also […]

Canon Pixma PRO-1 printer review

After lots of testing, I’ve finished one of our longer printer reviews.

Review Link: Canon Pixma PRO-1 printer

For an A3+ printer, it’s pretty huge, weighing in at around 60 pounds. This makes for one of the quietest printers I’ve looked at, and one that isn’t going to jump around your desk.

Quality wise, […]