Software update – ImageNest 3

We’ve used ImageNest for a while, both on our printers here at Northlight, and on many of those that we’ve reviewed, such as the most recent of Canon iPF6300.

It’s a great way of making use of the printing capacity of large printers to lay out images onto the paper. In fact I used it when reviewing the Epson 3880, to print up a whole load of pictures from my wedding in March…

using imagenest on the 3880

Multiple prints on a sheet of A2 paper

That was with Version 2 of the software (review of V2.1). Version 3 (a free upgrade) is now available (Currently Mac OSX only)

It’s worth pointing out that a demo version is available for download, and the software can be used with any number of printers.

New features include:

  • Rotate in Layout: Users can now rotate in all situations. Rotate works with all layout methods and in our new manual layout mode.
  • Snap to Grid: A custom size grid feature allows users to “Snap To” guidelines. The layout grid can be custom sized both vertically and horizontally in any units of measure.
  • Grid spacing control: Set custom sizes for grid lines
  • Snap to Image Edges: Snap to Image Edges automatically detects the dimensions of other images in the layout and provides guidelines and a “Snap To” alignment feature.
  • Additional cut Marks: Based on user feedback, new options for cut marks have been added.
  • Copy and paste: Copy and Paste images in the layout with Control C and Control V hotkeys.
  • Ability to drag images between pages: Users can now drag images from one page to another with ease both quickly and easily.
  • Image Overlap: Images can be set to overlap for collages or an image can be trimmed simply by moving it beneath another image.
  • Image Editor: Built in image editor now contains additional information about resolution and pixel dimensions.
  • Manually add/delete pages: In addition to automatic page creation, users can now add or delete pages manually.

It works very well, and all the new features make it even easier to use.

Using ImageNest 3

More varied layout tools in ImageNest 3


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