DNG ProfileManager – organising DNG profiles

DNG ProfileManagerAlthough not something I use every day, making DNG profiles is a good way of working round awkward lighting conditions, where the trouble of making a full icc profile is perhaps not merited.

I’ve looked at DNG profiles when Adobe first made their DNG profiling software available for ACR users and again when X-rite produced the ColorChecker Passport and profile making software last year.

X-Rite have now announced some free software  (available when registering a colorchecker passport):

ColorChecker Passport DNG ProfileManager (Mac and PC)

Key features (from X-Rite)

  • Provides a single list of all installed DNG profiles
  • includes non-printing image data such as file name, camera, light-source(s), and creation date
  • filters by camera
  • sort by any column header to locate or correctly rename profiles (both internal and external names)
  • easily enable/disable profiles to prevent profile overload
  • quickly collect and export DNG profiles for backup or distribution

The software displays current profiles available – some Canon 1Ds3 ones I had in use are shown.

profilemanager screen

installed profiles

It’s also possible to rename and export files (they normally live in a specific place)

rename profiles

Profile options

There is also a video available for download, that shows more about how to use the ColorChecker Passport.

More info at X-Rite