Epson SP R2880 review

I’ve been trying out the Epson R2880 A3+ pigment ink printer.

It uses the newer UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta inks and produced some great looking prints, both colour and black and white.

Is it the printer for your work, or do some of its limitations let it down?

Review Link: Review of the Epson SP R2880 Printer

A3+ sized print from Epson R2880

A3+ sized print from Epson R2880

  • Dietmar

    Dear All,

    I’m a newcomer regarding Epson 2880, Photoshop Elements 6.0 and last ICC profiles. I printed some photos with (in my oppinion)a good quality. Now I wonder how can I install the downloaded ICC profiles from the paper manufactory? The installation instruction I found on the web dealing either not with the Epson 2880, or not with Photoshop Elements 6.0. Can you please help me to continue?

    Thank you in advance

    • The profiles go in the default location for your computer system – on the Mac it’s in /library/colorsync/profiles. On a PC it’s somewhere special too, but not having -any- PCs here at all, I can’t remember the specific locations, but it will be the same place as for other printers. The location should also be the same whether you were using Photoshop or Elements

  • Good review of the R2880. However, I think you should more prominently mention the problems with swapping the matte and photo black inks. You have this note:

    After changing, the printer will make assorted whirring sounds and then settle down ready for use.

    * Well, not quite… On the Mac I needed to go to the printer preferences and delete the 2880 from the list. Adding it again now recognised the replaced black ink. Note this was using OSX 10.5, I didn’t get to test it out under 10.6, so it might be different.

    But you should know that this is a longstanding problem with 2200, 2400, and now 2880 printers that Epson should have solved long ago. When you swap blacks, if the cartridge you are putting back in has less than about half, the driver will not recognize the new ink. In some cases, trying to solve it gets into an eternal cleaning cycle or deleting the printer and reinstalling (and losing settings). There are workarounds (e.g. putting in a new/full cartridge, then putting in the part full one), but it is unconscionable that Epson continues to make printers with this known problem.


    • Thanks Bob – i’ll make a point of referencing your comment. I tried it with full cartridges of MK when I switched.