EOS 7D High ISO – brief comparison with 1Ds3

I just took a few pictures with the 7D and my 1Ds3 to see how high ISO noise compared on the two.

Images are processed (ACR5.6rc) with no noise reduction, but all other settings at defaults.

Article Link: Comparing the EOS 7D and 1Ds3 at high ISO

It’s also worth noticing that the 7D got slightly closer to the correct WB setting for the tungsten halogen lighting used.

If it’s stopped raining I might go out and do some night shots…

I’ve also been trying different lenses…

Canon 7D with 20mm f/2.8 Zeiss Flektogon lens

Canon 7D with 20mm f/2.8 Zeiss Flektogon lens

  • Yes, a bit more retro look :-)

    – I’ve tried it with a few other old lenses too. With the 1Ds3 screen (a gridded one) you can get a better feel for DOF and even focus.

  • Jan I

    Heh, the 7D looks a bit like an old camera with that lens.