Going from idea to print – how’s it done

Whilst there are lots of articles about the technical side of photography on the web, there are far fewer about -why- you might choose to take a particular shot, and why you might choose to make a print from one picture, as opposed to an other shot at the same location, maybe only seconds from the other.

Equally well with the so called ‘rules’ of composition. It’s all to easy to read about composition as a recipe like process that you consciously go through before releasing the shutter.

Well, I believe that such a process is rarely ever the case, especially with my landscape photography.

I’ve tried to cover some of the approach I took, along with how the image was subsequently edited, to a visit to a particular location some years ago, which resulted in a black and white print that’s been very popular.

Article Link: Making a picture

large black and white image of Hood Canal WA

Hood Canal on a damp grey morning

Click on the image to see a much bigger version