Scanner profiling with i1Profiler

i1Profiler adds Scanner profiling

When i1Profiler first came out, it was noticed that some of the functionality of earlier software hadn’t made it through into the new software.

Well, X-rite have released an update to profiler (V1.4.2) which adds the capability of profiling scanners, with a range of targets.

Review link: i1Profiler Scanner profiling

Whilst there are a range of targets supported, the old scanner profiling test sheet that came with i1Match isn’t one of them.

Fortunately a normal ColorChecker card gives excellent results, as I found when testing out the software with my old Epson 1200U desktop scanner.

example of scanner profiling

After scanning with a fresh profile (bottom image) there is a noticeable improvement compared to no profile (top) or the default profile (middle)

The software even detected a faulty patch in my original ColorChecker SG card, from several years ago when creating an ICC profile with it.

As yet, the software only supports scanner profiling. For cameras, when I need it, I’m most likely to use the ColorChecker Passport software with a ColorChecker card to make a DNG profile.

It would be nice if the Passport software supported the whole ColorChecker SG Card – this has a wider range of colour patches than the basic card. At the moment, with no camera profiling in i1Profiler, it does look a slightly orphaned product…