More than just a fisheye

How the image circle (180 FOV) fits different sensors at different focal lengths

I’ve just finished writing up a review of Canon’s new EF8-15mm F4 L lens

It’s a fisheye lens that on a full frame camera goes from a ~180 degree field of view from corner to corner at 15mm to a 180 […]

New photography gallery to open in Leicester

Gallery at old Leicester central library

Yesterday I got a chance to have a bit of a look round the site of Leicester’s new gallery space.

It’s due to open in September, and is aimed at giving the opportunity to exhibit photography at very low cost – that and no commission for small displays.

So, you’re thinking of becoming a photographer some time?

A few things to do now – before you start your business

So, you’re sharing photos in Flickr or on Google+ and you’re toying with the idea of taking up photography for a living some time?

I’ve written about some of the business mistakes that people are likely to make when setting up their photography […]

On Being a Photographer – Book review

I’ve lots of books full of great photos and lots full of photographic techniques and methods (film and digital), but one area I’m a bit thin on is books about why you take photos.

The short book I’ve been looking at is titled: On Being a Photographer. It’s a conversation between by Bill Jay and […]