PermaJet Ultra Pearl paper

I’ve recently been testing PermaJet’s new Ultra Pearl paper, after seeing it at the UK Focus trade show.

Review Link: PermaJet Ultra Pearl paper

It’s a pearl finish paper with a tough top coat and a finish that’s said to make copying of prints much more difficult – welcome news to some wedding and portrait […]

Out with the 60D

Some more explorations of using the Canon 60D

I had to walk into town to see someone at lunchtime and thought I’d take the 60D with me.

Whilst I’ve been trying it out with the 18-55 IS kit lens, I have to say that the lens is probably the weakest part of the setup. It’s […]

X-Rite release V1.0 of i1 Profiler

UPDATE 7th Apr 2011 – i1 Profiler is officially released

New profiling software has been released by X-Rite.

Reviews and Info link: i1 Profiler

We’ve been testing the full version – i1 Publisher, and will be producing more detailed reviews of all the functionality in due course.

We’ll be looking at monitor, projector and printer […]

The swivel screen on the 60D

What use is the 60 D flip out screen?

Like many SLR users I’d been a bit skeptical about the usefulness of the swivel out screen on the Canon EOS 60D.

Yes, it seemed a bit of a consumer gimmick…

This is part of our series of short articles/notes about using the Canon […]

Canon EOS 60D – opening the box

First steps in using the Canon EOS 60D. We’re testing the 60D and will have a series of review articles. This covers setting up the camera for the first time and some of the adjustments and settings required. A good solidly built camera, with clear viewfinder and a good swivel LCD […]

Do your prints have depth?

How do you describe your prints?

Or, more to the point, how do I know what you mean?

Wine glass on a glass table in a bar …shooting at f/1.2 very little is going to be sharp

The other day on a discussion list, there was a discussion about some aspects of black and […]

OK, what’s special about your photography business

To get your photography business noticed you need to stand out from the crowd. Remember to market the benefits you offer as opposed to features. There are lots of similar businesses out there – you need to find the unique points that differentiate your business from the others. […]