Latest i1Solutions from X-rite

We’ve followed developments in Colour management tools quite closely here, with our reviews and articles.

X-Rite have announced more information about i1Profiler, which we mentioned back in May.

We will be covering the software in detail when it’s released, with a series of reviews – it does a quite a lot, so like our series […]

Review – Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW

Keith using the Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW in Seattle. TS-E24mm lens on 1Ds3 with TS-E17mm in bag.

Whilst in the US recently, I was asked about how I carried kit around.

As it happens, I’ve just got a new bag that’s both big enough for what I want to take round with me.

Even […]

Epson Digigraphie – a sign of fine art prints?

Epson Digigraphie to launch in the UK

Yesterday I paid a visit to Epson’s UK HQ to have a look at the newly announced SP4900 and the SP7890/9890 and I’ve added some notes to those particular pages. The other reason for my visit was the announcement of the UK launch of Epson’s ‘Digigraphie’ programme in […]

5 Business problems for Photography Startups

Why do any particular sort of photography as part of your business?

I’ve written several articles about different aspects of becoming a professional photographer, covering specifics like pricing and whether joining ‘professional’ associations is of any business value to you.

After working with several other small businesses recently, I’ve written up what I feel […]