‘Envolve’ – New feature in rumours section…

If you visit the site’s rumour pages, you may have noticed a tiny addition to the bottom right hand corner of the browser window.

Envolve tab

This is Envolve, a live chat system for part of the Northlight site. You can get an account quite easily, with an optional photo and add some biographical […]

DxO Optics Pro V6.2 review

I’ve just finished a longish review of the RAW file converter and processing software DxO Optics Pro.

This is version 6 of the software and I’ve used it in the past to fix lens distortions and produce files to work on, for a lot of my large prints.

The newest version runs very well, with […]

Why do photography review videos and podcasts suck?

Lots of photography sites are adding review videos and podcasts to their content. All too often it’s badly made and wastes visitors time – does it have to be like this?

I’m regularly asked about adding video content and podcasts to the Northlight Images site – why hasn’t it happened?

Well, apart from having a […]

A visit to IPEX 2010

Canon iPF8300 | i1Profiler | HP z5200ps

There is a lot of new and big stuff at IPEX – I’m not a great one for trade shows, they are great for visiting a few key people, but the larger ones can quickly feel a bit of an ordeal.

This blog covers a few products I […]

i1Profiler – New Profiling solution from X-Rite

If you’ve read any of our colour management reviews you’ll have noticed a wide range of products from Gretag Macbeth and subsequently X-Rite.

Well, it appears that X-Rite aim to have an all new new profiling solution in the form of i1Profiler.

I’ll be at the IPEX show next week in Birmingham (UK) and be […]

DxO Optics Pro V6.2 for Mac and PC

Quick review of DxO optics Pro V6.2, showing improved noise handling and sharpness […]

Spyder 3 Elite V4.0 Review

The Spyder 3 Elite measuring device

After testing the new software for the Spyder 3 Elite, I’ve written up a full review of the new software.

Review Link: Spyder 3 Elite V4 review

There are a number of upgrade options for existing owners, depending on which product you’ve got and how old it is.