TS-E 17 and teleconverter – addendum

The TS-E 17mm f4L lens does not show int the camera EXIF data, when a Canon 2x teleconverter has been used […]

Using a Teleconverter with a TS-E lens

A quick test using the Canon EF 2x Converter (Teleconverter) with the TS-E 17mm f4L tilt shift lens.

The 2x teleconverter is my concession to rarely needing a long lens when I’m out and about. I’ve got it in the bag for attaching to my 70-200 2.8L IS to get an equivalent 400/5.6 IS lens. […]

More TS-E 17mm photos of Leicester

Still no sign of the 24mm T/S lens (in the UK) from Canon…

I was invited to the launch of Design Leicestershire yesterday, and received a rather nice book extolling the virtues of design, and the rather large number of design related businesses we have in this county.

Walking into Leicester, I grabbed shots of […]

Jane Fonda and Me…

We don’t often do print work for other people. Basically we have to like the work, the photographer, and they have to visit us in person ;-)

However, in a change from my normal photography and print work I’ve been working with photographer Paul Joyce to bring to life some of his images taken back […]

Doing well?

One of the things you (can) worry about if writing materials for the web, is ‘is anyone reading this stuff?’

Of course checking web stats with the likes of Google Web analytics or your log files will give a host of useful data, but other than that, how does your site compare with all the […]


New Mac Pro

Despite my disdain for Apple only having glossy displays for the new MacBook Pro, we still only ever use Macs here. For a while I’ve used a Dual 2.7G G5 Powermac for my day to day work. With 6GB of RAM it’s more than fast enough for much […]

Hand held tilt/shift?

Perceived wisdom is that you only use tilt/shift lenses with the aid of a tripod.

I was out in Leicester yesterday, on my way to a business meeting, so I decided to take a few ‘snaps’ using the TS-E 17mm hand held.

As I know from other work, it really helps having a ruled focusing […]

What am I happy ‘fixing’ in photos?

Browsing the web, I came across a vanished web site – or more particularly, one that had been rescued and archived.

It was a concept of defining what was special about an unaltered image. It became known as the FoundView Movement.

As someone who’s professional photography career started relatively recently, I’d missed out on some […]

People ‘borrowing’ stuff from your site

It’s one of those things you have to live with when you run a web site. People decide to help themselves to what’s on offer.

Over the years I’ve seen various technical solutions to deterring casual theft, but none are foolproof, and it’s easy to take a screen grab of any image in a browser.


Apple to photographers – we don’t care

We’ve used Macs for a long time here at Northlight and were pleased to hear Apple announce some upgrades to the MacBook line.

I’ve still got a G4 Powerbook I use for travelling and tethering to the 1Ds3 when need be on location. Perhaps time for an upgrade to the 15″ MacBook Pro?

Modern laptop […]