PhotoSweeper – cleaning up photo libraries

Selected items in a collection of images

Remove and sort duplicate or similar images in your image libraries

I get to look at a lot of bits of photo software, which vary widely in function and usability.

A (Mac) application that will quickly sort through Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto image libraries, or folders of images and locate duplicates and similar files (by […]

Forced updates…

OSX 10.9 Mavericks disk image

Moving my working Mac to OSX 10.9.2 (Mavericks)

Some notes about updates for Apple Macs needed for day to day work, printing, storage and keeping old but still perfectly useful software alive.

Making the jump from Snow Leopard to Mavericks

As you might notice from my reviews, my day to day computer for work, and […]

Kuuvik Capture – camera tethering

Kuuvik capture software being used

I’ve recently reviewed some new Mac based software specifically for tethering Canon camera. so they could be operated from a computer.

Review Link – Kuuvik Capture (preview)

The review is of the pre-release version, but fully covers the functionality.

One feature not found on other software packages is focus […]

Apple Lion 10.7 – not for the time being thanks

Assorted incompatibility issues for Apple’s new OSX 10.7 Lion

As someone who does a lot of testing work, I suppose I ought to see what will work well with my Mac running OSX 10.7. Unfortunately it breaks rather too many important things for me at the moment.

There is a very good (long) article all […]

i1 Display 2 and i1 Display LT to be supported for Mac OS 10.7 Lion

Mac only support for older i1Display colorimeters

i1Display 2 and LT to be supported on Macs under 10.7

X-Rite are looking to allow Mac users to continue with the i1Display 2/LT.

Apple’s upcoming 10.7 Mac OS release has a most unwelcome feature for my own day to day computer use. It drops Rosetta, the […]

Software update – ImageNest 3

We’ve used ImageNest for a while, both on our printers here at Northlight, and on many of those that we’ve reviewed, such as the most recent of Canon iPF6300.

It’s a great way of making use of the printing capacity of large printers to lay out images onto the paper. In fact I used it […]

Full width printing Epson 3800 and OSX 10.6

Solving full width (17″) printing problems with the Epson SP3800 and Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard). tested with Epson Traditional Photo Paper […]

Apple offers Matte screens at last…

At last Apple have decided to offer the anti-glare option on the 15″ Macbook pro.

Apple offers matte finish screen as option

The screen brightness of my old 15″ Powerbook might be dimming, but at least it couldn’t stand in as a shaving mirror when I’m travelling, like the glossy finish screen on the […]


New Mac Pro

Despite my disdain for Apple only having glossy displays for the new MacBook Pro, we still only ever use Macs here. For a while I’ve used a Dual 2.7G G5 Powermac for my day to day work. With 6GB of RAM it’s more than fast enough for much […]

Apple to photographers – we don’t care

We’ve used Macs for a long time here at Northlight and were pleased to hear Apple announce some upgrades to the MacBook line.

I’ve still got a G4 Powerbook I use for travelling and tethering to the 1Ds3 when need be on location. Perhaps time for an upgrade to the 15″ MacBook Pro?

Modern laptop […]