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Finding your way round the Northlight Images site...

We had a few people write and say that they got a bit lost looking for information on the site, hopefully the redesign of much of the site has made it a bit easier.

However, as the site has grown - we'd forgotten just how much information there is.

We hope that this directory is of help - you can also use the search box at the top of the page. Just enter a word or two about what you are looking for, the whole site is fully indexed.

Latest Press info and Press releases are on our Press Info page and new articles/reviews alway appear on the Articles, reviews and news page.

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Northlight Commercial Photography Services
* Prices
* Annual Report Photography
* Architectural photography
* Construction software
* Colour Management services
* Commercial Photography
* Construction Photography
* Corporate Events and Hospitality
* Event & PR (Leicester and the East Midlands)
* Fine Art Prints for interior design
* Fine Art Print Gallery
* Food (location based)
* Hotels / resorts
* Industrial Photography
* Interior Photography
* Professional Landscape
* Leicester and Leicestershire photos
* Ordering prints from Northlight
* Press Information page
* Privacy Policy
* Product photography
* Review/Advertising policies
* Training - Estate Agent
* Training - Product photos
* Training - lectures/ seminars
* Training - Personal tuition
* Training - directory
* Venues photography
* Video stills support
* Removing Adobe gamma on Windows PCs
* Autofocus microadjustment
* Main photography Articles list
* About Us
* Article Submission guidelines for authors
* Autopano Giga 2.6 (r)
* Digital Black and White section
* An Introduction to Black and White digital photography
* Digital Black and White Photography - longer article
* Black and White pictures from ordinary (color) digital cameras
* Using the X-Rite ColorMunki for improved Black and White printing
* Black and White printing - interview with Keith Cooper
* Black and White printer test images
* Printing your Black and White photos
* Canon Camera Batteries
* Black and White landscape - interview with Keith Cooper
* Photo Books that Keith Cooper liked
* basICColor Discus Monitor calibrator (r)
* Business mistakes for photographers
* Value for clients in your photo business
* Keith Cooper's Business articles for photographers
* Differentiate your photo Business for success
* 50 Photography Business tips
* CaliCube (r)
* Canon Pro-100 (r)

* Canon Pro-10 (r)
* Canon Pro-1 (r)
* Canon iPF5100 (r)
* Canon iPF6100 printer (r)
* Canon iPF6300 printer (r)
* Canon iPF8300 printer diary (r)
* Canon 9500 Mk2 printer (r)
* Canon 7D review/info
* Canon EF8-15 F4L (r)
* Canon 60D review/info
* Digital Camera profiling with the Eye One Photo SG (r)
* Install Canon Camera software without original CD
* CMYK for photograpers
* Converting colour to black and white - techniques
* Convert to BW Pro V3 (r)
* Using the X-Rite ColorMunki for improved Black and White printing
* Cleaning dried up inkjet printers
* Beware the colour management tar pit
* The very simple guide to 'what is colour mangement'
* Introduction to colour management
* PermaJet Eco-Flo Continuous Ink system for the Epson R2400 (r)
* Moving to the Canon 1Ds Mk3
* A Canon View Camera
* Canon Rumours
* ColorMunki Photo (r)
* ColorMunki Display (r)
* ColorMunki Printer profiling (r)
* Colour Confidence Profiler (r)
* ColorEyes Display Pro (r)
* Vertical lines in composition
* Canon lens date codes
* Saying no to the Camera update cycle
* Calibrating dual monitor systems under Windows
* Digital Photography - two years after moving from film.
* A Digital only trip to Colorado
* Looking for a first digital camera?
* DxO FimPack V2 (r)
* DxO FilmPack V3.2 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro V10.1 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro V9.1 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro V8 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro V7.2 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro Version 6.5 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro Version 6.2 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro Version 5.3 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro Version 4.2 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro V3.5 (r)
* DxO Optics Pro (r)
* DNG Profile Editor for ACR
* DSLRRemotePro (r)
* Digital's Analogue - HDR/Zone Sys/ETTR (g)
* EIZO CG210 LCD display (r)
* Pictures at an Exhibition
* Epson V850 (r)
* Epson SC-P600 (r)
* Epson P600 setup (r)
* Epson R3000 (r)
* Epson SP4900 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 7880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 3800 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 4880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Photo R2880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Photo R3000 (r)
* Epson new printer info
* Epson Traditional Photo Paper (r)
* Pantone Eye One Display 2 (r)
* Pantone Eye One Display LT (r)
* GMB Eye One Display 2 (r)
* The Eye One Design (r)
* Eye One Match update (r)
* Eye One Ruler and carry case (r)
* Editing printer profiles with Eye One Match (r)
* Printer profiling with the Eye One Photo (r)
* Eye One Design (r)
* Digital Camera profiling with the Eye One Photo SG (r)
* Eye One scanner profiling (r) --- See also i1 items
* Exhibitions - info about past/present shows
* Leicester 2012 Exhibition opens
* A 35mm film based black and white landscape photographer tries digital
* Zeiss Flektogon 20/2.8 lens on a Canon 1Ds3
* Fisheye-Hemi V1.1.1 (r)
* Focus Magic (r)
* Framing prints
* Comparing Film scanners
* Testing a Fine Art paper (r)
* Becoming a Freelance photographer
* GretagMacbeth - see i1 and Eye One items
* GrafiLite (r)
* Ricoh Caplio GX100 (r)
* basICColor Grey Card (r)
* Ricoh Caplio GX200 (r)
* Big prints with the GigaPan
* GigaPan Epic Pro
* Pantone Huey PRO (r)
* Pantone Huey (r)
* HP Z3200ps 24" printer (r)
* HDR Expose 2 (r)
* Hyperfocal focusing
* i1Display Pro (r)
* i1 Profiler - overview
* i1 Profiler - monitor calibration (r)
* i1 Profiler - printer profiling (r)
* i1Photo Pro 2 (r)
* i1Basic Pro 2 (r)
* Cleaning dried up inkjet printers
* ImagePrint paper thickness Epson media settings
* Turning off fractional stop ISO settings
* i1Xtreme (r)
* i1Photo LT (r)
* i1 Beamer (r)
* i1 iSis (r)
* i1iSis OBC (r)
* i1 iO automated scanning table (r)
--- see also Eye One items
* ImageNest RIP (r)
* ImageNest RIP V2(r)
* ImageNest V3.5 (r)
* Using an Infrared converted Canon 5D mk2
* Induro PHQ pan head (r)
* Innova FibaPrint Papers (r)
* Innova Glazed IFA58,59 (r)
* Innova Decor IFA25/24 (r)
* Innova FibaPrint Warm Cotton Gloss IFA 45 (r)
* Innova Rough IFA13 (r)
* Innova Ultra Glossy Canvas - IFA 35, 36 (r).
* Innova Soft Textured Natural White (r)
* Intellihance Pro 4.2 (r)
* Canon iPF6100 printer (r)
* Canon iPF6300 printer (r)
* Jetmaster canvas print system (r)
* Jane Fonda and Me..
* Colour Confidence Kodak Colour Management Check-up kit (r)
* Room and office decoration and Lighting for photo editing
* Leicester Traffic cameras
* Links page to other sites and articles we have found useful
* Limits of altering pictures
* Using the i1Pro 2 for linearising B&W printing
* Making Keith Cooper's large 14m Leicester print
* Lowepro Slingshot 202 (r)
* Marketing for photographers - 5 'M's.
* Reseting the Maintenance Tank on Epson printers.
* Media settings and profiling for third party inks
* Media test images
* Using your film scanner as a Microscope
* Mamiya lenses as shift lenses on 1Ds3
* Preserving Mountain Art (g)
* Megamast 28' tripod (r)
* NEC SVR271 (r)
* Nik HDR Efex Pro (r)
* Nik Silver Efex Pro (r)
* Nik Sharpener Pro 3.0 (r)
* Nik Viveza (r)
* Nik Sharpener Pro 2.0 (r)
* Nik Color Efex Pro Version 4 (r)
* Noise Ninja PS plugin (r)
* Noise Ninja (r) part 2
* Ordering prints from Northlight
* Olympus Zuiko 24/2.8 lens on a Canon 1Ds3
* Olmec photo papers (r)
* Olmec metallic paper (r)
* Pantone Eye One Display 2 (r)
* Pantone Eye One Display LT (r)
* Paper Reviews - A health warning
* PearlyWhites PS plugin(r)
* PhotoFrame Pro V3.1 (r)
* Power Retouche Black/white studio (r)
* ColorMunki Printer Profiling
* PrintFIX PRO Update (r)
* PrintFIX PRO (r)
* PrintFIX PLUS (r)
* PrintFIX original version (r)
* The Canon 1Ds digital Pinhole SLR camera
* Printer test images
* Profiling -Media test images
* Using QTR and PrintFIX PRO for better black and white prints
* Why don't my Prints match my screen?
* PermaJet MonoChromePro Inks (r)
* PermaJet Fibre Base Gloss (r)
* PermaJet Ultra Pearl (r)
* PermaJet FBD360 (r)
* PermaJet Eco-Flo Continuous Ink system for the Epson R2400 (r)
* PermaJet Textured Art Silk paper (r)
* Pinnacle Photo Oyster (Lustre) (r)
Papers - see also Epson and Innova
* Basic Image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2
* Printing your black and white photos
* Digital Projector Profiling with the Spyder 2 Pro (r)
* Projector profiling with the ColorMunki Photo (r)
* How Physics limits camera design (g)
* How Physics limits camera design revised long version(g)
Why are my prints too dark?
Do your prints have depth?
* Pro photography - I can do that
* Photo Ninja - RAW file converter (r)
* Using QTR and PrintFIX PRO for better black and white prints
* Black and white printing with MonoChromePro inks and QuadToneRIP
* Why use RAW format
* Resampling to make your images bigger
* Selecting a good image Resolution for your prints
* Reseting the maintenance tank on Epson printers.
* Rumours pages - Canon and Epson rumours - index of all pages
* Reviews on this site
* Review policy for this site
* Why don't my prints match my Screen?
* ShineOff PS plugin (r)
* Swapping black inks on a 7600 or 9600
* Shift lens modification
* Using your film Scanner as a microscope
* Lowepro Slingshot 202 (r)
* Spyder3Pro (r)
* Spyder3Elite (r)
* Spyder2PRO Ambient light measurement
* Spyder2express (r)
* Spyder 2 Pro (r)
* Spyder3 Print V3.5 (r)
* Shift lens modification for Canon TS-E lenses
* Stitcher Pro 5.5 (r)
* Spyder3Print SR (r)
* Selling your prints?
* SpyderLensCal (r)
* SpyderCheckr (r)
* Spyder4Elite (r)
* Spyder4Express (r)
* Spyder4Pro (r)
* Spyder4TV HD (r)
* Spire Restoration - large photos of St Mary de Castro church, in Leicester
* Selling Local Prints (r)
* Three ways to make more money as a photographer
* Using a tilt and shift lens
* Canon TS-E 24 mm tilt and shift lens.
* Shift lens modification for Canon TS-E lenses
* Travel Blog, Washington-Oregon Autumn 2007
* Travel - Colorado Spring 2006
* Travel - California-Oregon Spring 2007
* Travel - Colorado Fall 2008
* True Black and White software (r)
* Using old teleconverters on your lenses (r)
* Topaz ReStyle (r)
* Topaz ReMask (r)
* Topaz Detail (r)
* Topaz Glow (r)
* Topaz Clean (r)
* Topaz Clarity (r)
* Topaz Adjust (r)
* Topaz Adjust5.1 (r)
* Topaz DeNoise (r)
* Topaz Impression (r)
* Topaz Impression V1.1.1 (r)
* Topaz Lens fx (r)
* Topaz Simplify (r)
* Usability - Making your website easier to use
* Vertical lines in composition
* Viewing this site - making sure your monitor is set up correctly
* Attach a DSLR to a 5x4 View Camera
* Viveza PS plug-in from Nik software (r)
* Better pictures for your web site
* Web colour management and Web photo galleries
* Web browser colour management test page
* Weather satellite pictures visible light
* Weather satellite pictures Infra Red
* Choosing a Working Space
* Using the X-Rite ColorMunki for improved Black and White printing
X-Rite - see also i1 and Eye One items
* HP Z3200ps 24" printer (r)
* Zeiss Flektogon 20/2.8 lens on a Canon 1Ds3
* Convert your 8 bit RGB images to 16 bit before converting to black and white
* Epson Stylus Pro 7880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 3800 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 3880 (r)
* Epson Stylus Pro 4880 (r)
* Swapping black inks on a 7600 or 9600
* 7800 / 9800 black ink swap - a way of saving ink
* 7880 / 9880 black ink swap
* Deactivate the ink counters on an Epson 7600/9600
* Deactivate the ink counters on an Epson 4000
* Epson 4000 Service manual and maintenance tank reset
7600 and 9600 Service manual, tips and fixes
* Some Epson 4800 tips

All content © copyright Keith Cooper, except articles (g) written by guest authors, where article content copyright is as stated in the article.