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Rumour post bingo for forums

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Rumour post bingo for forums

How rumours are received

Reactions to camera rumours on the forums

rumoursWe’ve been following assorted camera and lens rumours for several years – long before all the current rumours blogs ;-)

That’s the rumours page from the old site >

Although I’d much rather the site was known for the Photography articles the rumours pages have a considerable following (and thanks to everyone who contributes)

As such, after seeing numerous rumours posted on various forums, we have our own ‘Rumour Response Top 20’

This is how the typical rumour thread plays out… (tick them off when reading a rumour thread)

This for Canon – change model names/makes to reflect rumour content

  1. Have you seen this?
  2. What do they know
  3. FAKE!
  4. Could you elaborate on xxx
  5. Jeez, cant you people just get out more
  6. You don’t have to read it
  7. Those that really know can’t say
  8. [model name rumoured] Mk2 AF issues
  9. Is that all?
  10. I’m switching to Nikon/Sony/Olympus
  11. It probably back / front focuses
  12. What no built in pro AF
  13. Why not 1.3 crop all cameras should be 1.3 crop
  14. Why not full frame – Canon are ripping is off again
  15. Its going to be so noisy I’ll have to keep my 20D
  16. The more MP are a waste, the lenses can’t resolve that
  17. It’s all lies from from crazy fan boy
  18. What, no built in IS:
  19. I’ll have to be the first to own one
  20. Why would anyone want one

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