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Spider 3 Elite monitor calibrator

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There are a growing number of reviews of hardware and software on the site. This page provides links to all of them. More general photography articles are listed on their own page - see the menu bar above for more details, including our Camera Rumours pages.

Our reviews are aimed at giving a feel for using a product, rather than just a list of features - we really do welcome questions and feedback.

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Reviews - Monitor calibration/profiling

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Other printer information - these were collections of pre-release information. After the launch announcements we maintain the pages with general pricing/supply information and update information.

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Camera specifications and latest news - these cameras were once in our Rumours section, but after announcement, we maintain the pages for pricing and update information


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Reviews - photography hardware

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Reviews - Image processing software and plugins

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Keith Cooper with Canon iPF6300 printer

Keith Cooper with a test print, created during our review of the Canon iPF6300 printer

display calibration and profiling

From Keith's i1Pro 2 review

colorchecker passport

From Keith's Colorchecker Passport review

i1 iO measuring table for profiling

i1 iO automated profiling device

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