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coffeeOur review and advertising policy

Digital photography and imaging products

We regularly get asked to review and comment on new software and hardware in the fields of photography, digital imaging, colour management and printing (especially black and white).

We are happy to evaluate products under NDA if appropriate and are often involved in beta/field testing for different companies.

We pride ourselves on our independence when giving advice.
We do not sell hardware or software.


If you have a question about specific aspects of items reviewed, then please feel free to mail us. We really do welcome feedback and questions about our reviews.

If you would like to discuss getting a product reviewed, please feel free to contact us. All our current set of reviews are listed on the review page.

Northlight also has a public Privacy Policy.

Writing for this site?

We are happy to consider guest articles and reviews - if you are interested, please have a look at our article submission guidelines.

Advertising on this site

Advertising is a feature of the site - it will always be clearly delineated.

We have also decided -not- to accept advertising or direct trading relationships from manufacturers in any of the areas we cover in our reviews, since there is always the chance that our impartiality might be questioned.

We have Google AdSense adverts on the parts of the site not directly advertising our UK commercial photography service (which is our primary business).

We are part of the Google Affiliate Network. We also have Amazon and other affiliates links for products on our site.

There are adverts in our commercial photography pages, however we use geo-targeting software to only serve these to visitors from outside of the UK.

The Google AdSense program effectively pays for the running of our site. The adverts are based on page content and are automatically supplied based on relevance to the particular page content.

At the moment we do not directly sell advertising space for the site, particularly since many of our visitors to the articles/reviews parts of the site tend to come both from the USA and the UK.

In 2010 this site served 8.8 Million pages from 5.8 Million visits (2.4 million unique)