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Review update Piccure+ V2.5

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Review update: Piccure+ V2.5

Software correct images for blur and shake

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We recently reviewed Piccure+ and found it to be really helpful with some images, if you were careful with its application. It worked well for unusual lenses such as images taken with shifted lenses.

For more details of the software see the Piccure+ web site.
Update 2018 Piccure+ does not seem to be for sale, but you can still download software (marked as a trial)

The software has been updated and Keith has had a quick look at changes.

If you’re new to the software, it’s probably best to read the much more detailed review of Piccure+ first.

piccure 25 running

Changes in V2.5

The main change is a general improvement in processing speed.

The authors list the following:

  • Image processing speed has been improved. Cut processing times by 30–70% across all image sizes, computer configurations and settings. The increase in speed will be higher for slower computers (e.g. dual-core laptops) and does not require a powerful GPU. If you have a very fast computer, the speedup may not be as significant as for a slower one (percentagewise).
  • Chromatic aberrations can now be corrected separately from the setting “Strong” in Lens+.
  • Thumbnail generation speed in batch mode for the standalone (RAW) has been increased by 90%.
  • Full support as an external application for DxO Optics Pro 9 and 10 as well as Capture One Pro 8.
  • Standalone user interface has been improved. Information regarding shutter speed, aperture and ISO is now readily available
  • New cameras are now supported. Thirty-four cameras were added to the list bringing the total number of supported cameras to 632

My own version detected the (free) update and downloaded it to install.

updating software

I was trying it in particular with an image from my new 50MP Canon 5Ds – just as I predicted in my original review, with all the quality setting turned up to full, it took around 12 minutes to process.

Here’s the full frame shot

the full test image

The interface hasn’t changed significantly.

It’s worth testing a small part of your image first

testing settings for optimal processing

The image below is a 100% crop of the most detailed part of the photo.

Move your mouse over to see the processed version – then look above to see how much of the full frame this represents.

Original ImageHover Image

As during my previous testing, I’ve turned off any sharpening and noise reduction when processing the RAW file. Depending on the lens used, Piccure+ can be slightly better or a whole lot better than other sharpening techniques – see the discussion in the original review.


I’m running the software on a fairly fast MacPro (dual Quad Core Xeon) so the speed increase wasn’t huge. Indeed it was more than offset by the much larger file sizes from my 5Ds.

The software can now be used ‘inside’ DxO Optics Pro and Capture One, if they are your RAW converters of choice (the software still offers built in RAW support)

The interface still fails to manage colour properly, but the returned image has no such problems (see the original review for more).

A bit of software that will help get even more out of my 5Ds when I need extreme detail.


An application that sharpens images in a way that massively reduces the effects of lens softness. It also allows correction for a degree of camera shake.

Rather slow for regular use, but very powerful. Demo available.

For more details of the software see the Piccure+ web site.
Update 2018 Piccure+ does not seem to be for sale, but you can still download software (marked as a trial)

System requirements

  • Windows and Mac standalone App
  • Plugin for Photoshop (CS4 or newer), Lightroom 3 (or newer), Photoshop Elements (version 7 or newer)
  • Helper application for Capture One (V8) and DxO Optics Pro (V10)

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