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Pro photography – what you get for your money

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Professional photography and what you get for your money

…and why we charge what we do

In a world where anyone who owns a mobile phone also owns a pretty good camera too, there’s been a real growth in the Everyone’s A Photographer phenomenon and professional photographers like us have to work harder to justify our costs and convince potential clients of the benefits of investing in our services.

Here’s how we justify our rates – or in other words, what you are paying for

camera lensFirst and foremost you’re paying for our professionalism, creativity, expertise and experience . We use our – expensive – professional, specialist equipment and years of know-how to get you the photographs you need first time.

No need to return again and again to the subject get the right shots, no extensive post production work tweaking the images to get what you need, no ‘just making do’. We do the job right – first time.

Although on the face of it you are being charged for the time spent taking your photos, this isn’t the only work we do for you. You are also paying us to expertly process and edit your images – using the latest software and technology – to ensure they are fit for purpose and supplied to you in a format that you can actually use.

This post production work can often take the same amount of time as it has taken us to get the photos in the can – so immediately you’re getting twice the amount of work for the money you’ve paid.

Image Licensing

Included in the price is your Image Use License which gives you the legal right to actually use the images you’ve paid for – how you want to use them. Copyright is automatically assigned to – us – the photographer the instant the shutter is clicked and the image is created.

If you were to buy the copyright from us it would be both expensive and unnecessary – our experience tells us that the inclusion of the license in the final price you pay is the most cost efficient option for you and gives you all the usage rights you’ll ever need to make good use of your photos.

Ongoing support

Included in your final cost is any post production advice and support you need – immediately on completion of the project or at any point in the future. We always future proof your images so you can use and re-use them for multiple purposes and if you need to return to the shots at a later date and you need some advice on how to re-process the images, we’ll still be here to help.

Maintaining a professional service

When deciding on prices, any sustainable business needs to take into account not just the value of the product or service they are offering, but how much it has cost them to produce it and what it will cost to keep producing it in the future.

Like all businesses we have our overheads – we need to pay our insurance premiums, keep the lights on and our premises warm, keep our equipment and software up to date, pay for our pensions and importantly – because we’re a limited company – ensure we have enough cash flow to pay the taxman when he comes calling.

As well as taking and processing client’s photos we need to pay ourselves to promote our business, maintain our websites, keep our accounts and build our social media presence.

We firmly believe that by charging the prices we do, we are able to maintain a sustainable, robust business that can keep trading for many years to come and continue providing a high quality services to our clients – regardless of the changes in the business environment.

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