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Photography training directory

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Professional photographers who offer photography training

Directory of  pro photographers who can help you take better photos

Our directory of people willing to help…

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Photographers who offer training and photography courses

After deciding to expand some of our advanced photography training courses to cover private individuals, I thought it a good idea to help promote other pro photographers who offer such training as part of their business.

The directory (just set up) is open to any working professional photographer who offers training in a particular geographic location.  See the page itself for more details about having services added.

It’s open to photographers from around the world who offer training and teaching.

Directory: Personal photography training

At the moment it’s just got some UK locations (the number of providers at any location will be limited) but I’m open to including photographers from round the world. It’s aimed at the pro who offers training as part of their work, not full time trainers.

The first two photographers added are Tony Pick of Aldeburgh and Nick Catling of Southwold in Suffolk.

Why these two? I’m just back from my honeymoon in Southwold and visited the galleries of both whilst in the area…

Anyway – here’s a picture of Southwold beach during a clearing in the storm clouds ;-)

The beach and pier, Southwold, Suffolk

The North Sea in March – the beach and pier at Southwold

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