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Photography books and reviews

Books recommended and reviewed by Keith Cooper

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These books are the personal recommendations of Keith Cooper (they are on his bookshelf and well thumbed)

They should be available at any good bookstore, so do have a look.

Old photography books from 2nd hand bookshops make up a fair bit of our book collection – just because it’s film doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from looking at good photos…

Publishers: Contact Keith if you’ve new and relevant titles you’d like considering for review

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Keith’s book reviews

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  • Book Review: 52 Assignments Landscape Photography Book Review: 52 Assignments Landscape PhotographyBook Review: 52 Assignments, Landscape Photography. A collection of 52 project ideas relating to Landscape photography. Lots of suggestions to help expand your photography and experiment.
  • Book Review: Everything about taking Photographs Book Review: Everything about taking PhotographsBook Review: 'Everything you always wanted to know about taking better photographs', '50 images and 50 explanations' by Antony Zacharias. £12.99 Ammonite press October 2019
  • Book Review: 52 Assignments Street Photography Book Review: 52 Assignments Street PhotographyBook Review: 52 Assignments, Street Photography. A collection of 52 project ideas helping you explore different aspects of street photography. Challenge your photo comfort zones.
  • Book Review: Hasselblad and the moon landing Book Review: Hasselblad and the moon landingBook Review: Hasselblad and the moon landings. photographs and the story of the cameras that didn't return from the Apollo moon landings
  • Book Review: 52 Assignments Experimental Photography Book Review: 52 Assignments Experimental PhotographyBook Review: 52 Assignments, Experimental Photography. 52 project ideas to help you explore different aspects of photography, film and digital. with low and high tech ideas and hacks
  • Book Review: Masters of Drone Photography Book Review: Masters of Drone PhotographyBook Review: Masters of Drone Photography. Collected photographs and commentary from specialist drone photography experts. Practical advice about mastering your own drone work.
  • Book Review: Mastering Macro Photography Book Review: Mastering Macro PhotographyBook Review: Mastering Macro Photography by David Taylor. Equipment, lighting and technique for photographing small things
  • Book Review: Mastering Exposure Book Review: Mastering ExposureBook Review: Mastering Exposure by David Taylor. Looking at the basic principles of photographic exposure, shutter, aperture and ISO. A great starting point for moving away from camera auto modes.
  • Book Review: Mastering Long Exposure Book Review: Mastering Long ExposureBook Review: Mastering Long Exposure - A definitive guide for photographers by Antony Zacharias. Looking at uses for and the techniques needed for long exposure photography in any lighting conditions.
  • Book Review: From Dawn to Dusk Book Review: From Dawn to DuskBook Review: 'From Dawn to Dusk' - Mastering the light in landscape photography, Technique and practice by Ross Hoddinott and Mark Bauer. The importance of planning and timing. Ammonite Press
  • Book Review: The photography exercise book Book Review: The photography exercise bookBook Review: The photography exercise book by Bert Krages. Training your eye to shoot like a pro. Subjects to study and photograph that will help train your photographic vision and produce the photos you want (and know why)
  • Book Review: Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer Book Review: Starting Your Career as a Freelance PhotographerBook review: Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer (Tad Crawford, Chuck DeLaney) Just how do you run a photography business. What things do you need to address? How will you market and sell your services, and make your business last.

Some of Keith’s favourite books

Black and white landscapesLandscapes

A marvellous book by Terry Hope, that brings together a collection of works by different photographers with their own comments.

Read it and you will soon be reaching for the camera…

ISBN: 2880464803 (UK edition)
ISBN: 1883403685 (US edition)

The printThe Print

A classic from Ansel Adams.

Many techniques and concepts are applicable to the production of digital images.

ISBN: 0821221876
The Print 

Photoshop for Photographers – Martin Evening

APFPLearn many of the features of Photoshop — written from a photographer’s perspective. Comprehensive and clearly written. The section on colour management (valid even for black and white) is particularly clear in its coverage of an area that many find mysterious. Includes CD with additional material.

There are versions from Photoshop 6 through to CC and I think I’ve many on the bookshelf.

A Tree, a Blade of Grass

Collection of colour photographs by Shinzo Maeda. Images of the Japanese landscape.

It’s a book that I never tire of just picking up and browsing. I really do look forward to visiting Japan one day…

ISBN: 3822896551

Digital printsMastering Digital Printing

“The Photographer’s and Artist’s Guide to High-Quality Digital Output” An extremely comprehensive guide to what can be achieved in the digital realm. Covers all the major technologies and techniques. Excellent choice for both amateurs and pros alike.

By Harald Johnson (who runs the useful dpandi site).

ISBN: 1929685653

Real World Colour Management

Color Management bookI often get asked for suggestions about learning more about the nuts and bolts of Colour Management.

My usual suggestion is Bruce Fraser’s Real World Colour Management.

My own copy is well thumbed. It’s my first port of call if I’m asked a question and I feel I don’t quite understand an issue well enough to be absolutely sure of an answer.

Real World Camera Raw

Very thorough look at what you can do with the Adobe Raw Importer in Photoshop CS. Includes lots of info on how to automate raw processing, and getting the best from any particular image.

By Bruce Fraser (who is much missed)

ISBN: 032127878X

Photoshop Masking & Compositing

Possibly ‘the’ book on masking. An essential element of much photo manipulation.

Photoshop Masking & Compositing (VOICES)

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