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  • Nik Sharpener Pro V2 review Nik Sharpener Pro V2 reviewDetailed review of Nik Sharpener Pro image sharpening plugin. Version 2 is tested with examples of how it works and why it is so important to use. Valid for current versions too
  • Software review Convert to BW Pro 3 Software review Convert to BW Pro 3Review of the Convert to B/W Pro V3 plugin from 'Theimagingfactory' for converting colour images to black and white.
  • Review Eye One Display 2 Review Eye One Display 2Review of the Eye One Display 2 (i1Display 2) monitor calibrator by GretagMacbeth (X-Rite). Calibrate and profile your monitor.
  • Noise Ninja – Review update Noise Ninja - Review updateUpdated noise ninja review to reflect changes in the full release version of the software - shows how noise reduction can be masked for optimal use
  • A digital pinhole camera using a Canon 1Ds A digital pinhole camera using a Canon 1DsConstruction ideas and sample images for several different designs of pinhole adapter for a Canon full frame DSLR camera. Digital pinhole photography experiments at different focal lengths
  • Saving images for web use Saving images for web useSome of the things to consider when saving images for web use - how care with resizing and basic sharpening can give them a bit more punch
  • Noise Ninja – Removing Image noise Noise Ninja - Removing Image noiseLooking at the Noise Ninja photoshop plugin for removing image noise. Based on Noise Ninja application - functionality later incorporated into Photoninja
  • MonoChromePro pigment inks for black and white printing MonoChromePro pigment inks for black and white printingReview of the MonoChromePro pigment ink set for black and white printing. Includes custom profile curve creation procedures for using QuadToneRIP (QTR). Making use of black and diluted black (grey) ink sets for monochrome photo printing
  • Focus magic review Focus magic reviewReview of the Focus Magic photoshop plugin for image sharpening and camera shake removal. Fixes minor focus and shake problems
  • Raw Power – the DxO converter Raw Power - the DxO converterReview of the RAW file conversion functionality introduced into DxO Optic Pro Version 2. Looks at RAW conversion, lens correction and noise reduction
  • Black and White, the digital way Black and White, the digital wayAn introduction to black and white photography in the digital age. An extended version of an article Keith Cooper wrote for Canon.
  • Resampling to make your images bigger Resampling to make your images biggerResampling or resizing images to make bigger photos and prints has always had many options available. Some considerations for the process
  • The RAW digital image format – why use it The RAW digital image format - why use itA look at the RAW format in camera files and discussion about the many reasons you might choose to use it instead of JPEG
  • How do people see your site? How do people see your site?Survey of professional photographers viewing habits - archive article based on a 2004 survey. Dates from when the majority of user still used CRT monitors. Includes links to other research and guidelines
  • A Digital only trip to Colorado A Digital only trip to ColoradoA look at some of the changes when moving from film photography to digital photography after a trip to Colorado by Keith Cooper. The same, but different and better...
  • Better Digital Black and White printing on your Inkjet printer Better Digital Black and White printing on your Inkjet printerSimple technique to make linearising curves for black and white photo prints. Measuring test prints with flatbed scanner provide data for curve construction
  • Update for the ColorVision PrintFIX Update for the ColorVision PrintFIXUpdate information for the original Colorvision (Datacolor) PrintFIX ICC printer profiling system. Includes new calibration card.
  • Swapping the black ink on the Epson 7600 and 9600 Swapping the black ink on the Epson 7600 and 9600Black ink swap - An unofficial method for swapping photo black and matte black inks on the Epson 7600/9600 printers, reducing ink waste.
  • A 35mm black and white landscape photographer goes digital A 35mm black and white landscape photographer goes digitalLooking at what changed and what didn't when a film based landscape photographer decided to make the switch to an all digital workflow.
  • Fixing your lens imperfections Fixing your lens imperfectionsReview of DxO Optics Pro V1. The very first version of DxO Optics Pro addresses lens distortion problems and fixing them

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