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  • Pantone Huey review huey by PantoneReview of the Pantone Huey monitor calibration and profiling system from Pantone / GretagMacbeth, Setup and use. Includes real-time adjustments based on lighting
  • Paper review Permajet Fibre Base Gloss paper testingTesting Permajet Fibre Base Gloss, a 'Darkroom feel' gloss or semi-gloss lightly textured paper. Tested on an Epson SP2400
  • QTR and PrintFIX PRO to get better black and white prints curves for printersUsing the PrintFIX Pro colorimeter with QTR to make greyscale ICC profiles to improve linearity for black and white printing.
  • Why don’t my prints match my screen? matching prints to a screen gamutWhy your prints often don't match your screen very well. Some explanations, solutions and ways of dealing with the problem
  • Spyder2express review spyder2expressReview of the ColorVision (Datacolor) Spyder2express colorimeter for calibrating and profiling monitors and displays. LCD and CRT displays
  • PrintFIX PRO review printfix pro spectrocolorimeterDetailed review of the PrintFIX PRO print profiling Spectrocolorimeter and ICC printer profiling software from Colorvision (Datacolor)
  • Digital photography – two years on camera equipment for digital useSome thoughts about aspects of digital photography - revisiting the issues and ideas, some two years after deciding to ditch film. A decision I've never remotely had second thoughts about
  • Eye-One Match software updated i1 match updateEye-One Match (i1 Match) software from GretagMacbeth (X-Rite) updated to enhance functionality. Improved monitor profiling support including validation
  • Updating the Eye One Pro ruler new i1Pro rulerA new design for the guide ruler used in measuring ICC printer profiling targets with the i1 Pro spectrophotometer
  • Touring Colorado in spring 2006 Keith at fish creek fallsKeith's USA driving and photography tour of Colorado in spring 2006. Photos and observations from his time travelling around the Rockies.
  • Review: Pantone Eye One Display 2 pantone eye-one display 2Review of the Pantone Eye One (i1) Display 2 monitor calibrator. Comparisons between i1Display 2 sensors from different brands
  • Pantone Eye One Display LT review pantone i1Review of the Eye One Display LT, a colorimeter for profiling and calibrating monitors and displays. Supplied by Pantone / GretagMacbeth (now X-Rite)
  • Kodak Pro Color management check-up kit colour check kitA review of the Kodak Pro Color management check-up kit, with test prints and test images for direct comparisons
  • Review of PrintFIX PLUS printfix startupReview of PrintFIX PLUS printer profiling. Looking at a novel software only solution for making icc printer profiles for supported printers.
  • Printer icc profile editing in Eye One Match profile editing brightness contrastA review of the printer icc profile editing functionality in Eye One Match. V3.4 of the software from GretagMacbeth (X-Rite) adds editing.
  • Eizo CG210 CG211 LCD display review Eizo CG210Review of the Eizo CG210 (CG211) LCD display 21" 1600x1200 14 bit monitor. Tested with Eizo ColorNavigator profiling software.
  • Pictures at an exhibition – preparation Problems, considerations and issues encountered when showing and displaying an exhibition of large photographs by Keith Cooper. Making it work for your photographs
  • Eye One Printer profiling i1 printer profilingA review of printer ICC profiling using the GretagMacbeth (X-Rite) eye one (i1 Pro) spectrophotometer and eye one match software.
  • DxO Optics Pro 3 Review dxo v3.5 versionsFull review of DxO Optics Pro version 3.5 adds new workflow options and improves RAW image processing, lens correction and nose reduction.
  • Why media settings are vital in your printer profiling profilesOptimal media settings are essential for good results when making printer ICC profiles. Simple test prints make this an easier process with 3rd party papers

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