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  • Architecture and the 7D phoenix square cafeSome test photos taken one foggy morning with the Canon 7D and the wide angle TS-E17 shift lens. Using a shift lens hand-held for architectural shots
  • Out at night with the 7D pound storeOut at night with a Canon 7D. How does it handle shooting at high ISO and how should you process the images you take with it
  • 1Ds3/7D quick detail check 7d at 100Some comparisons between image detail in the Canon 1Ds mk3 and 7D. How the finer pixel pitch of the sensor affects resolution
  • Some EOS 7D examples 3 pound haircutSample photographs from a first test of the Canon 7D - what's it like to use. A short trip round my local area, Narborough Road in Leicester
  • Olmec Photo papers – review Olmec satinA review of several photo and fine art printing papers in the Olmec range, now supplied by Innova. Gloss, satin and matte.
  • Looking at AF and manual focus for the 7D Looking at AF and manual focus functionality for the Canon EOS 7D. Some initial testing with moving objects and old lenses
  • Out with the Canon 7D I'm working on some more detailed looks at aspects of the Canon 7D, but I thought I'd write up a few more 'first impressions' of using the camera. Thanks for all the questions - I'll try and address as many as possible whilst I've got the camera.
  • Looking at the Canon EOS 7D 1Ds3 and 7DFirst thoughts - Looking at the Canon EOS 7D, initial experiments and testing of Canon's top crop sensor camera, just loaned to me by Canon UK
  • Dealing with the world – running a site like this :-) cup of coffeeDealing with the world - some of the issues facing us when running a web site like ours. What we try and do, how to help and thanks...
  • Goodbye Pump and Tap midnight pump and tapFinal photo of drinkers outside of the Pump and Tap, Leicester. Shortly after the pub doors closed for the final time
  • Using the iPhone camera – a walk home braunstone gateiPhone photography and marketing your photography business. Some pictures from a walk through Leicester one afternoon.
  • Controlling a 1Ds3 via a WFT-E2 and iPhone server interfaceUsing the iPhone to connect to a Canon WFT-E2 wireless adapter attached to a Canon 1Ds Mk3. Remote control of the camera with a web browser over an ad hoc network.
  • Won an iPhone 3Gs – now what for a photographer? iPhone coffee 1Ds3Uses of an iPhone for a working commercial photographer - suggestions for someone new to mobile networking and apps
  • Media settings – Printer Test Images media test imageTest images for optimising media settings when printing. Essential to check before profiling papers to know if too much (or too little) ink is being used for the particular paper chosen
  • Review Innova Smooth Cotton Natural & High White innova paper profilingReview of two of Innova's Smooth Cotton papers from their Photo Art Range. IFA-11 and IFA-14, high white and natural white
  • Review of ImageNest RIP for printing using imagenest for printing with z3200Detailed review of the ImageNest RIP software for handling printing and print layout. Works with any printer driver installed on an Apple Mac
  • Canon 7D Noise and ISO – looking at the 1Ds3 3200ISO 1Ds3A quick comparison of image noise at 3200 ISO. How does the maximum ISO setting of the full frame 1Ds mk3 compare with similar setting of the Canon 7D
  • Preserving mountain art Edward Norton on EverestGuest post by Tony Riley discussing some of the digital options in preserving mountain art and handling the large archive that exists.
  • Canon 7D Noise and ISO settings 12800 ISO noiseDo fractional stop increases in camera ISO settings give a smooth increase in visible noise in images, or should you stick to full stop settings
  • Canon updates the 1DMk3 to the 1D Mk4 1d mk4News item: Canon updates the EOS 1D Mk3 to the EOS 1D Mk4 - camera features: 16.1MP APS-H (1.3x) sensor, 100 to 102k max ISO

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