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  • Telling customers where to go… Telling customers where to go...What won't you do in your photography business. Sometimes you need to decide if a job is really worthwhile, and when to say no thanks to a potential client.
  • paper review: Pinnacle Premium Silk Baryta 310 paper review: Pinnacle Premium Silk Baryta 310Paper review of a warm tone 310gsm baryta based photo paper from Pinnacle (Paper Spectrum). heavy paper with a semi matte finish. Update: this paper is now sold as Premium Silk Baryta 310
  • The wonders of bad lenses The wonders of bad lensesHome made DIY lenses are easy to make for your camera and a great way to see what really matters to you when photographing subjects. A simple lens made with cardboard
  • Expanding your photo business Expanding your photo businessThere are three basic ways of growing your photography business - lots of variations, but three fundamental approaches. Keith looks at examples of how these principles can apply to a pro photographer and why minor changes can multiply together to make a real difference to profitability.
  • Artists’ statements – do you ever believe them? Artists' statements - do you ever believe them?Can an Artist's Statement be meaningful and relevant? Is it possible to write one that people believe? Can you do it with a straight face?
  • Paper review PermaJet FB Distinction 360 Paper review PermaJet FB Distinction 360Paper review for PermaJet FB Distinction 360, a heavy (360gsm 0.39mm) smooth semi-gloss bright white fibre base 'Baryta' style photo paper.
  • A personal health warning about paper reviews A personal health warning about paper reviewsWhy you should be wary of paper reviews. Reviews for specialist inkjet photo printing papers may contain lots of measurement data, but paper choice is about so much more than that. There are so many other aspects of your photographic workflow that need looking at too.
  • Nik Silver Efex Pro V2 review Nik Silver Efex Pro V2 reviewReview of Nik Silver Efex Pro version 2. Plugin converts colour images to black and white, with many adjustment options and preset conversions (Now free as part of the Google Nik Collection)
  • 7 Grand ideas – key questions for a successful photo business 7 Grand ideas - key questions for a successful photo businessSeven key questions you need to address about your professional photography business from the standpoint of your clients and potential clients. You may not like it but they are looking at your offerings and asking "What's in it for me?"
  • i1 Profiler printer profiling review i1 Profiler printer profiling reviewi1 Profiler printer profiling review - part of X-Rite's colour management software for making ICC printer profiles. Tested using an iSis XL
  • SpectraView Reference 271 Display SpectraView Reference 271 DisplayA review of the NEC SV271 reference monitor. It's very much aimed at the proofing, pre-press and design markets, where its wide colour gamut (~Adobe98) and internal 14 bit LUT allow it to be calibrated and profiled to great accuracy.
  • basICColor Discus calibrator review basICColor Discus calibrator reviewReview of the basICColor Discus colorimeter and software. Advanced monitor and projector calibration and profiling with ambient light measurement.
  • i1 Profiler Monitor Calibration and Profiling i1 Profiler Monitor Calibration and ProfilingReview of monitor calibration and profiling with the X-Rite i12Profiler software. Advanced display calibration and profiling options
  • Out with the 60D Out with the 60DSome experiences using the Canon EOS 60D with a range of lenses. Trying out Canon's mid level crop sensor DSLR, supplied by Canon UK
  • Paper review PermaJet Ultra Pearl photo paper Paper review PermaJet Ultra Pearl photo paperReview of a tough bright white pearl finish photo paper from PermaJet, with a surface texture that can hinder casual copying of prints
  • The swivel screen on the 60D The swivel screen on the 60DWhat use is the Canon EOS 60 D flip out screen? Some quick experiments find that it's not so much of a gimmick as some might think.
  • Canon EOS 60D – opening the box Canon EOS 60D - opening the boxFirst steps in using the Canon EOS 60D. We're testing the 60D and will have a series of review articles. This covers setting up the camera for the first time and some of the adjustments and settings required. A good solidly built camera, with clear viewfinder and a good swivel LCD
  • Do your prints have depth? Do your prints have depth?What is 'Depth'? How do you describe your photo prints? Or, more to the point, how do I actually know what you mean and how can I be sure?
  • OK, what’s special about your photography business OK, what's special about your photography businessTo get your photography business noticed you need to stand out from the crowd. Remember to market the benefits you offer as opposed to features. There are lots of similar businesses out there - you need to find the unique points that differentiate your business from the others.
  • 5 ‘M’s – Marketing for photographers 5 'M's - Marketing for photographersWhy are professional photographers so bad at marketing? Some things they should consider to improve the performance of their business. Just make it easier, they all begin with the same letter.

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