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  • Paper review Innova Decor papers double sided Innova paperPaper review of Innova heavy matte textured double sided Decor papers IFA-24 and IFA-25, tested using the Canon iPF8300.
  • iPF8300 Printer diary updates Ongoing testing of the Canon iPF8300 printer - diary updates
  • A solution to the CS5 ‘no color management’ problem adobe color print utilityA solution to the CS5 'no color management' problem. Potential difficulties with printing if you want no colour management. The free Adobe Color Print Utility is made for printing profiling targets with colour management turned off.
  • What Camera should I buy ricoh gx200Looking at some of the considerations for getting a good quality camera that moves beyond your phone. Getting more serious with your photography
  • Datacolor SpyderCheckr colour test card – Review spydercheckr outdoor targetSpydercheckr review. Datacolor have produced a coloured test target and software that aids fine tuning of the colour response of cameras. Camera profiling for RAW files.
  • Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite review – Version 4 software s3 elite and standDetailed review of V4 software for the Spyder 3 Elite monitor and projector display profiling and calibration device and software
  • How should I go about Colour Management eye one display 2An introduction and overview of colour management. Why it matters if you want to improve the editing and printing of your photographs
  • Camera bag review Lowepro Slingshot 202 AW camera bag in SeattleReview of the Lowepro 202 aw camera bag. The slingshot bag rotates from back to front for access without taking bag off your shoulder.
  • Will your prints sell keith cooper photographerWho will buy your photographic prints and does it matter if you like the prints yourself? Why would anyone buy your work.
  • Stylus Pro 9890 and Stylus Pro 7890 info Epson 7890The Stylus Pro 9890 and Stylus Pro 7890 replacements for the Epson Stylus Pro 9880 and 7880 - large format printer information and updates.
  • Pacific Northwest travels Sept-Oct 2010 sunset at Long BeachTravel diary by Keith Cooper, driving along the Oregon and Washington coast from Seattle and back again. Photos and observations from a car trip in the Fall of 2010
  • Viewing images – Monitor Calibration Monitor calibration sensorViewing images on a screen. Why monitor calibration matters, with some simple ways of improving what your monitor shows.
  • DxO Optics Pro V6.5 Review Update dxo v6.5 packImproved shadow lighting adjustments (single image HDR) and improved noise reduction feature in an update to DxO Optics Pro (V6.5)
  • CMYK – beyond the inkjet print Large commercial printing pressAs a photographer with work in books and magazines, it helps to know the basics of large CMYK printing and how it affects the reproduction of your images. A guide for photographers
  • CMYK for photographers new clientThere is usually no good reason for photographers to work with CMYK images. Article looks at some of the things you need to consider if you need to use CMYK.
  • Software update – ImageNest 3 use imagenestUpdate note for version 3 of ImageNest - print layout software that uses OEM printer drivers. The ImageNest RIP page layout software is updated to provide improved layout and image nesting options for large printers.
  • Vertical lines and movement John O'Gaunt bridgeSome thoughts on how the treatment of vertical lines in an image change the relative sense of motion or stillness in a photograph. When vertical being vertical might not be what you want,
  • Keith Cooper and black and white photography keith cooper photographerBased on a lengthy interview for a magazine article, Keith Cooper talks about his black and white photography, influences and techniques
  • Black and white photo printing bw test image mk1Keith Cooper is interviewed about his approach to printing his black and white photography. Extended version with additional notes and information from a printed magazine article.
  • Datacolor SpyderLensCal review spyder lenscalDatacolor SpyderLensCal review. Specialist device for camera focus adjustment and accuracy checking. Tested with a Canon 1Ds3

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