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  • basICColor Discus calibrator review discus monitor calibratorReview of the basICColor Discus colorimeter and software. Advanced monitor and projector calibration and profiling with ambient light measurement.
  • i1 Profiler Monitor Calibration and Profiling using i1 profilerReview of monitor calibration and profiling with the X-Rite i12Profiler software. Advanced display calibration and profiling options
  • Out with the 60D 60d z50-12Some experiences using the Canon EOS 60D with a range of lenses. Trying out Canon's mid level crop sensor DSLR, supplied by Canon UK
  • Paper review PermaJet Ultra Pearl photo paper deep blue printReview of a tough bright white pearl finish photo paper from PermaJet, with a surface texture that can hinder casual copying of prints
  • The swivel screen on the 60D 60D screenWhat use is the Canon EOS 60 D flip out screen? Some quick experiments find that it's not so much of a gimmick as some might think.
  • Canon EOS 60D – opening the box 60D box contentsFirst steps in using the Canon EOS 60D. We're testing the 60D and will have a series of review articles. This covers setting up the camera for the first time and some of the adjustments and settings required. A good solidly built camera, with clear viewfinder and a good swivel LCD
  • Do your prints have depth? blurred glassesWhat is 'Depth'? How do you describe your photo prints? Or, more to the point, how do I actually know what you mean and how can I be sure?
  • OK, what’s special about your photography business fb matrixTo get your photography business noticed you need to stand out from the crowd. Remember to market the benefits you offer as opposed to features. There are lots of similar businesses out there - you need to find the unique points that differentiate your business from the others.
  • 5 ‘M’s – Marketing for photographers business meeting decisionsWhy are professional photographers so bad at marketing? Some things they should consider to improve the performance of their business. Just make it easier, they all begin with the same letter.
  • Review of Nik HDR Efex Pro plugin cathedral at nightReview of the Nik (Google) plugin for creating high dynamic range (HDR) images from multiple exposure images of the same scene. Works with aperture, Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Expensive 3rd party primes – are they worth it? 55mm shift lensLooking at third party prime lenses for DSLRs. When are they a good idea and when would you be better off improving the rest of your workflow from RAW file to print? Just be careful to buy such kit for good reasons rather than the vague but effusive praise from their fan clubs
  • Photographers – are you of value to your clients? dealing cardsAs a professional photographer, do you know the value of your photographic work to your clients? Do you make the mistake of trying to sell your business features rather than the benefits clients will get from using you?
  • Do you keep a filter on your lens? laser cuttingDo camera shops look on UV or Skylight protective filters for your camera as just an a source of added margin, or are there times that having a filter in place is essential. Keith looks at where he makes use of filters, and where not.
  • Regulation and control of Pro Photographers new camerasEvery so often there are calls to regulate professional photographers. Keith looks at some of the information from a recent survey of UK pro photographers, and why he is happy to teach people to do their own photography, and why calls for registration miss the point.
  • Review of DxO FilmPack plugin V2 hp5 film lookReview of the FilmPack plugin and app (version 2) from DxO. Processes images to emulate the look (grain, tonality, colour) of a wide range of film types
  • Business challenges for photographers blackjackWhat are the real challenges facing working professional photographers. Keith Cooper looks at a survey from mid 2010 that purports to give some answers.
  • 5 big mistakes for a new photo business latteWith it being so easy to set up a professional photography business, there are some key business mistakes to avoid. Remember that it's a business, not a job. Keith discusses 5 big mistakes he makes an effort to avoid
  • Paper review: Innova Cold Press Rough Textured Natural White IFA13 test printFine art Paper review of Innova Cold Press Rough Textured Natural White (IFA-13) tested on an Canon iPF8300
  • 64bit comes to Image Trends plug-ins image trends pluginsPlugins updated as 64 bit working comes to Image Trends plug-ins. ShineOff, PearlyWhites, and Fisheye-Hemi work faster and on the latest systems
  • An era passes – the real end of Kodachrome kodachrome film boxThe end of Kodachrome - historically interesting, but of what relevance to today's photographers. Reproduce the effects in software, accept that it was used for some great photos, but time to move on

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