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Photography Lectures and Presentations by Keith Cooper

Digital Photography lectures and seminars

Keith Cooper is available to speak at company presentations and training events and also presents lectures to photographic organisations and societies (professional and amateur).

His talks, seminars and demonstrations range from technical aspects of digital photography and colour management, through to the interpretation of landscape.

Recent conference topics have covered Architectural Photography and Digital Black and White Photography and all talks can be customised to match the experience level of the audience.

Particularly popular are his demonstrations of colour management, where he illustrates some the benefits of monitor and printer profiling with examples from recent reviews and articles on this site.

If you'd like to discuss a possible event, please do feel free to call or email us.

Some topics covered...

The photo to the right shows a demonstration of soft proofing, using a PDV3 viewing stand. This is covered in Keith's colour management lecture.

For more general interest - How to take better holiday photos

  • "... In just 15 minutes you can learn the three key things that will improve anyone's photography"

OK, there is a bit more to it than that, but Keith is often asked to give short presentations to local business organisations and social groups. Entertaining -- and always informative.

Digital Imaging technology

At whatever depth and complexity is needed, from the details of semiconductor technology to camera design, Keith can customise presentations to meet your business needs.

More info: Digital Imaging Technology.

The art of photographic composition

With quizzes, audience participation and prizes, we've managed to teach a whole room full of Real Estate Agents to take better pictures of peoples houses...

Also popular with other organisations where staff need to take photos for everyday business use.


How much does this cost?

Costs vary considerably depending on location and the nature of the event.

For our corporate training, our rates are outlined on the main Photography teaching/training page. Rates for lectures and seminars depend on the nature of the event, but are typically significantly below our half day training rates and usually do not attract a 'per delegate' charge.

We're based in Leicester, in the UK, so expenses will vary with distance, particularly if an overnight stay is required.

For local camera clubs and societies, Keith offers a limited number of 'expenses only' talks each year.

Personal photography tuition

Keith also provides bespoke personal photography tuition to private individuals in the Leiceser area (UK) - this is in addition to Northlight's corporate training services, and is aimed at at photographers looking to learn more about particular aspects of photography, such as architecture and landscape.

Contact details :

Northlight Images, 86 Harrow Road
Leicester, Leicestershire, UK. LE3 0JW (Maps)
Telephone (Mon-Fri. 9am-5pm) +44 (0)116 291 9092

Email us via the Contact Form Email Us
colour management demo

Colour management and ICC profiling

converting a colour image to black and white

Black and white from colour - the print

The full range of our commercial photography services
Commercial photography

Photography to get your business message across. Details on our commercial photography page.

Industrial photography

Locations, products, machinery, people. There are full details on the industrial photography page.

Architecture, Construction, Heritage Architecture, High resolution photography and digital imaging

Photography of the built environment. Technical excelence and creativity combined. From site evaluation through to buildings in use, our construction photography covers the full process from site evaluation to finished structures and buildings. Specialist photography for recording and documenting heritage and restoration projects. Detailed images and processing, such as rectification.Extremely high resolution photographs. Capabilities way beyond traditional large format film. Multi gigabyte sized images.

Details on our UK Architectural photography micro-site, along with many high resolution images.

Product photograpy

Studio and location based product photography

Macro photography

Photography of very small objects.

Interior and lifestyle photography

Interior photography for designers, architects and housing developers. Commercial and residential property.

Hotel Photography

Photography to publicise all aspects of your hotel, resort or spa and the services you offer your guests. Hotel photography for print and web use.

Restaurant and location based food photography

Photography of food, where it's made, where it's served or even where it's produced and sold. Food photography beyond the studio.

Corporate Event photography

Our photography services are available for corporate events and hospitality where we supply high quality images for publicity and promotional purposes. Our aim is to capture the atmosphere and convey much more than just a record of who was there.

Venue Photography

Entertainment venue, club and gig photography in Leicester and the UK.

Photography for Annual Reports

Images to capture the essence of your company's activities, locations and people. Detailed creative photography for print and web use. Images available as large fine art prints.

Location stills photography

Stills and publicity photography for video shoots.

Landscape Photography

We provide commercial landscape photography for brochures, events and exhibitions.

Fine Art prints

We also provide large fine-art prints of the natural and man made environment for domestic and corporate clients. There are numerous example of Keith Cooper's photography in the main Landscape photo gallery

Training / education / seminars

You can take better pictures yourself. Many corporate clients want to take their own photographs for internal and web use.

Northlight Images offers training to help you get the most out of the equipment you already have and can help you decide whether it is truly adequate for your needs. At Northlight we are not worried by the prospect of people doing their own photography.

We have specific web pages covering:

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All new material appears on the Articles, news and reviews page.

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There is a gallery of landscape photography and fine art prints.

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